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What is an ancestor?
A ancestor is an early family
member. A family menber from
your heritage.
What Northern Florida Indian tribe was excellent at farming?
The Apalachees were excellent at farming.

The Apalachees were excellent farmers.
How was a weir constructed?
A weir was constructed from sticks stretched across streams where they flowed in to estuaries.

" Northern Florida "
Chapter 2 - Lesson 3
pg. 99 - 104
What crops were known as the "Three Sisters"?
Corn, beans, and squash are known as the "Three Sisters".
For what was the weir used and how did it work?
A weir was used by the Timucuas to catch fish for food.

Fish swan over the top with the rising tide and were trapped behind it when the tide fell.
What Northern Florida Indian tribes planted crops of corn, beans, and squash ?
The Apalachees and the Timucuas planted crops of corn, beans, and squash.

Corn, beans, and squash were known as the "Three Sisters".

The Apalachees were excellent farmers.
What is a weir?
A weir is a fence built by the Timucuas.
What is tradition?
Tradition is an idea or way of doing something that has been handed down from the past.