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"Central and Southern Florida"
Chapter 2 - Lesson 4
pg. 106 - 110
What does the word Calusas mean?
The word Calusas means fierce people.
Who were the Tequestas?
The Tequestas were an indian tribe from Southeastern Florida.

The Tequestas were mostly hunters and gathers.
What made native tribes in Florida different from each other?
Native tribes were different from each other because of the differences in the places where they lived.

Who were the Calusas?
The Calusas were the most powerful tribe in Southern Florida.

Other southern tribes paid "tribute" to the Calusas'cheif.

Tribute and trade with neighboring groups helped the Calusas gain wealth.
How were indian tribes from Northern Florida different from indian tribes from Southern Florida?
Indian tribes from Northern Florida were farmers and raised at least part of their food.

Indian tribes from Southern Florida were hunters and gathers and ate mostly what they could hunt, gather, and catch.
What is tribute?
Tribute is a payment for protection.

Neighboring tribes paid "tribute" to the Calusas cheif for protection.
Who were the Tocobagas?
The Tocobagas were the only Tampa Bay tribe that farmed corn.

The Tocobagas also fished, hunted, and gathered wild plants like other tribes in the region.