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Why is the DTM useful?

-universal in concept(can be applied to all countries in world)

-starting point for the study of demographic change over time

-timescales are flexible

-easy to understand

-enables comparisons to be made demographically between countries

Limitations of the DTM?

-original model did not include 5th stage

-eurocentric-- assumes the all countries in the world will follow it

-does not include roles of goverement

-does not include impact of migration

What does the DTM show us?

Show how the population of a country changes over time through the 5 stages.

What type of country is in stages 4-5?


What type of country is in stages 2-3?


What problems can happen due to being in stage 5?

-fewer child to replace the current workforce (slows down economy)

-smaller population (reduction in economy)

-fewer taxes payers-less money for services