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what is the population of Canada?

36 million

Canada has somewhere between the __ and ___ largest economy.

10th and 15th.

What has Canada's GDP been between in the recent years?

$1.5 - $1.9 trillion (in US funds)

what is GDP?

the value of all final goods and services produced in a country (i.e in includes the value of bicycle, but not the bicycle's seat when it was made)

What is dominating the Canadian economy?

Service industry

How much of the country's workforce does the service industry supply?

3/4 of country's workforce

Two of the most important components of the service industry?

petroleum (oil & gas) and logging

Canada is one of the few developed nations that are _______ of energy.

net exporters

What province in Canada has a large amount of oil & gas?


Canada possesses the world's ___ largest amount of ___.

3rd and oil

What countries are above Canada in the largest amount of oil?

Saudi Arabia and Venezuela

What minerals are found in Canada?

Aluminum, gold, lead, nickel, and uranium.(much is exported to other countries)

What do the Prairies produce?

Canola, wheat, and other grains

Where are the "sizeable" manufacturing centres in?

Southern Ontario and Quebec

Why is Canada expanding trade and emerging with Asian markets?

Because by relying entirely on the US Canada vulnerable to market crash if the American economy crashes.