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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

German poet, novelist and playwright

*Initiated storm and stress movement

--"Faust" drama narrating tale of a scholar who trades his soul for knowledge and pleasure

--Scientific essays and autobiography: "Poetry and Truth"

-public officer for 10 years

George Gordon Byron

English Romantic poet

--"Childe Harold's Pilgrimage"- fictional travelogue (most famous work)

--"Don Juan" -epic satire; autobiographical lengthy poem

*revolutionary who captured the imagination of literary world

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

French novelist, essayist, composer, and philosopher

--"Social Contract" -a tirade for changing society; ignited French and American revolutions

-"Emile"- novel on education

"Julie"-sentimental novel

-Essay: "Discourse on the Science and Arts" - argued science and art degraded the natural man

*works became increasingly controversial

Daniel Defoe

English author, playwright, journalist

--"Robinson Crusoe" and "Moll Flanders"

England's first novelist. Produced 500+ books

-successful in business and politics

Francois Rabelais

French Renaissance writer, dr., humanist, monk

--Five volume masterpiece "Gargantuan and Pantagruel" --combination of social satire, comedy, and humanist philosophy

*"Rabeliasian": character with coarse humor, ribaldry, and boisterousness

Volaire (Francois-Marie Arouet)

French novelist, playwright, poet, philosopher

**advocate for freedom of thought, political justice, and humanism in 18th century France

--Known for essays and letters defending human rights and arguing for reason and tolerance

--"Candide" and "Zadig" -Fiction blends philosophy and humanism

Henry Fielding

English novelist and playwright

--"Tom Jones"

**Social satire and comedy

-became active in politics

--published a newspaper "The Champion"

-strong anti-jacobite essays gained him political favor

John Donne

Metaphysical Poet in romantic period

*wrote original verses on religious and secular poetry

--"The Sunne Rising," "The Bait," "To Catch a Falling Star" --love verses

--"The Holy Sonnets" -religious

Christopher Marlowe

English Author, metaphysical poet, and Playwright in Elizabethan era

*plays used blank verse and had overreaching protagonists

*influenced Shakespeare

--"Tamburlaine the Great" , "Dr. Faustas", "the Jews of Malta"

Michel de Montaigne

First Essayist; French Renaissance philosopher

--"Essays" - published in 3 volumes and used literary forms like treatise and religious confessions

**Commented on social issues, the human condition, and personal voice

*Insights into major historical issues like religious conflict and exploration in new world

-influenced many writers

William Blake

English Romantic Poet and Artist

--"The Marriage of Heaven"- prose, rejects rationalism in favor of mystical faith

--Pioneered prophetic books

--"Jerusalem" -epic poem sought to imagine existence of spirit after death

**Master illustrator and true mystic

-worked on Dante's "Divine Comedy"

**Symbolism, mystic vision, powerful emotion

James Boswell

Scottish biographer and essayist

--"The Life of Samuel Johnson"

-his diaries included astute observations on society and manners of his day

*great friends with Samuel Johnson

Robert Burns

Scottish Romantic Poet

--"Auld Lang Syne", "A Red Red Rose"

-Anthology of poems: "Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect"

**Rebel, supported French Revolution openly

*Major poet who transcended his nationalistic feelings

Alexander Pope

18th century English Poet

*Used heroic couplet, known for Satirical Verse

*Biting wit, formal poetry, insightful and dramatic verse

-"The Rape of the Lock" - narrated feud started over lock of hair--satire

"An Essay on Criticism" - poem about writing

Francis Bacon

English Essayist and philosopher

**Wrote on Science and inquiry, championing method of scientific investigation and empirical observation

--"Instaruratio Magna" -greatest work; argument against the Renaissance and scholastic philosophy

"Essays" (1612)

"New Atlantis" (1627)