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Aleksandra Pushkin

-Russian Poet, Playwright, short story writer

-later work: innovative, experiments with language form, and characterization

--"Boris Goduvov" (1831) famous verse tragedy

--"Eugene Onegin" (1833) most important work

Nikolai Gogol

Russian Playwright, Novelist, short story writer

-Sharp satirical prose, innovative style

--"Dead Souls" (1842) novel, satire on feudal Russia

-Became delusional and starved himself to death in 1852 after becoming obsessed with religion and falling under the influence of a fanatical priest

William Cullen Bryant

American Poet, Critic, and Prose Writer

--"Thanatopsis" (1817) a revelry on death, most famous work

***Enjoyed NATURE and lots of his work touches on NATURAL BEAUTY

--"To a Waterfowl" (1821) -love for natural world, became a milestone in American poetry

--"Early American Verse" - volume helped build the foundation for American literary tradition

John Dryden

English poet, Playwright, and Literary Critic

**Verse satire

--"To His Sacred Majesty" poem written for Charles II RESTORATION to the throne

-seventeenth century

John Keats

English Romantic Poet

-six odes written in 1819

**Symbolism, frailty of life, and the power of creative art

--"Lamia," "The Eve of St. Agnes," "Hyperion"

--"Endymion" epic based on Greek Mythology

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

American Romantic poet

*Long narrative poems

--"Hiawatha" (1855), "Tales of the Wayside Inn" (1863)--"Paul Revere's Ride"

-Professor at Harvard

short poems: "The Arsenal at Springfield," "The Wreck of the Hesperus," "A Psalm of Life"

Sir Walter Scott

Scottish Romantic Poet, Historical Novelist, and playwright

**Narrative poetry with romantic theme, medieval times

-"The Lady of the Lake," The Lay of the Last Minstrel"--breakthrough poems

--"Waverly Novels" -historical novels

Robert Browning

English Victorian Poet (and playwright)

*Known for characterization, psychological nuances, and colorful, DRAMATIC dialogue

--"Dramatic Lyrics" (1842)

--"Dramatic Personae" (1864)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Victorian English Poet

--"Sonnets from the Portuguese" (1850)

--"Aurora Leigh" (1857) -verse novel, autobiographical

*Poetry evokes England and Italy and themes of SOCIAL JUSTICE

Lord Alfred Tennyson

Victorian English Poet

"Poems, Chiefly Lyrical" (1830) -volumes of poetry

--"Idylls of the King" (1885) epic poems based on the legend of King Arthur

*Wrote of history, honor, and faith

*Victorian values

*mastered technical elements of poetry

William Makepeace Thackeray

Victorian English Novelist and Satirist


--"Vanity Fair" (1849) -follows Becky Sharp who tries to climb the social ladder of English society

--"The Luck of Barry Lyndon" (1852)

*described moralistic hypocracy of British society

Frydor Dostoyevsky

Russian Novelist, journalist, and short story writer

*Master of psychological character

--"Crime and Punishment" (1867) -about a murder and its aftermath

--"The Idiot" (1874), "The Possessed" (1872), "THe Brothers Karamazov" (1880)- deal with the criminal mind and struggles within the human psyche

James Fenimoor Cooper

First American Novelist

-"The Leatherstocking Tales"

--"The Pilot"-1 of a series of adventure novels in nautical settings

--3 novels "Littlepage" -address American social issues

*Social criticism attacking American democracy