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Emile Zola

French novelist and naturalist

-objective observations with realistic eye

--"les rougen-Macquart" narrates fortunes of 19th century family over generations; included prostitution, labor unrest, etc

Count Leo Tolstoy

Russian novelist and moral philosopher

--"war and peace" (1869) love story set in napoleonic wars; provides view of Russian life

**novels with philosophical and psychological depth

George eliot

English novelist and essayist

**bold and powerful writing brought new prestige to 20th century novel

--"middlemarch" (1872) evocative narration of life in an English country town

-- "the mill on th floss" (1860) thought to be autobiographical

W.s. Gilbert

English playwright and humorist

*popular light verse and comic opera with Arthur Sullivan

"Pirates of penance " (1879)

Ivan Turgenev

Russian novelist, playwright, and short story writer

**wrote political stories criticizing Russia. Serfdom and government

-"the virgin soil" controversial novel about Russia


French novelist

*deep, subtle psychological themes, irony, cool, detached prose,great realism