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Where are many Texas rivers found(what Area)?
East Texas
What landform makes up most of southern Texas?
What is an ethnic group?
People who share common racial, national, religious, or cultural background
Natural vegetation
Plants that grow naturally in areas unchanged by humans
Red River
Boundary between Texas and Okla.
How does Texas'location in the middle latitudes affect the climate?
4 definite seasons
How was the Balcones Escarpment formed?
An earthquake
Sabine river
Eastern boundary of Texas
What are cultural traditions?
Ways in which people reflect their heritage
How does Texas rank in size among the other states?
In order from largest to smallest, what are the three major ethnic groups in Texas?
Anglo is the largest
African is the smallest
Guadalupe Peak
Highest point in Texas
Do most Texans live in cities or the country?
Rio Grande River
Southern boundary of Texas
Texas makes up what percent of the total land area of the United States?
Caddo Lake
The only natural lake in Texas
Grasslands with scattered trees and shrubs
Why do Texas rivers flow Northwest to Southeast?
Land is higher in the Northwest
Why do we call Texas' rivers "wrong-way" rivers?
Because Texas is much higher in the northern and western parts of the state, the rivers run to the lower areas in the southern and eastern regions.
How did Texas end up with over 200 lakes?
They were built by man
How is the "wrong-way" rivers aproblem for the people of the state?
Most rivers empty into the Gulf of Mexico. The north and western areas of Texas are fairly dry and the south and east receive more rain. The rivers carry much needed rainfall away from the drier areas.
Where are the mountains of Texas located(what area)?
West Texas
What is an escarpment?
A steep cliff.