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What kind of people were encouraged to settle in Austin's colonies?
people who had needed job skills(blacksmiths, doctors)
to measure land for size and boundaries
Why were Austin's colonies succesful?
fertile land, ample water and resources, low prices
Terms of Austin's land policy.
640 acres for the head of the family, 320 for the wife, 160 for each child
What rights were women denied?
couldn't vote or hold office, couldn't serve on juries, slave women worked hard labor without pay
the property and money a woman brings into a marriage
What contributions did women make inearly Texas?
helped bulid houses, tended livestock, defended homes against Native Americans, wrote books, opened schools, became empresarios, helped establish towns
Mary Austin Holley
cousin to Stepen F. Austin; wrote about Texas life in letters and books
Where were the early Texas colonists from?
America, Mexico, Spain, Africa, Ireland, Native Americans
The cause of Moses Austin difficulty when he asked for permission to colonize Texas.
He had trouble convincing Spanish authoerities his plan would work
Why did some Anglo Americans want slave labor?
to clear land, cultivate crops
a land division in early Texas
Who was Tamar Morgan?
African American slave who purchased her own freedom
San Felipe de Austin
captial of Austin's colony
What did empresario contracts include?
grant of 23,000 acres for families; 6 years to settle those 100 families; cancled contract if there were not 100 families in 6 years
a period of low economic activity
Moses Austin
First Anglo American given permission to bring American settlers to Texas
Green Dewitt
next to Stephen F. Austin, the most successful empresario in Texas
San Antonio, Goliad, Nacogdoches
3 Spanish settlements that existed in Texas in 1820
Stephen F. Austin
empresario; carried out his father's plans
Spanish word for contractor
Stepen F. Austin's first colony was located................
between the Colorado and Brazos River
What happened while Austin was at Mexico City?
A drought had damaged crops
Why had Austin gone to Mexico City?
to get approval from the new Mexican government to continue his plans
What did the colonization law of 1825 provide for?
4428 acres per family for $30.00;no taxes for 10 years; must be Roman Catholic
What were the original settlers called at Austin's colony?
The Old Three Hundred