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A legislative authorization to spend money for particular purposes
Appropriation Bill
A legislative body with two chambers
Bicameral Legislature
A special committee created to negotiate differences on similar peices of legislation passed by the house and senate
Conference Committee
An formal accusation against and executive or judicial officer
Current officeholder
A procedure available in some states and cities wherby citizens can propose the adoption of a policy measure by gathering a prerequisite number of signatures. Voters must then approve the measures before it can take effect
Initiative Process
Committee established to study a particular policy issue between legislative sessions
Interim Committee
A resolution that must be passed by a two thirds vote of each chamber
Joint Resolution
An agency created by the legislature to study state revenue and budgetary needs between legislative sessions and prepare budget and appropriations bills to submit to the legislature
Legislative Budget Board (LBB)
An agency composed of the Speaker, lieutenant govenor, comptroller, land commissioner, and attorney general that is responsible for redrawing the boundaries of Texas house and senate seats when the legislature is unable to agree on a redistricting plan
Legislative Redistricting Board (LRB)
The power of the governor to veto sanctions or items of an appropriation bill while signing the remainder of the bill into law
Line-Item Veto
The process in which legislatures go over a peice of legislation line-by-line, revising, amending, and rewriting it
Mark up
Election contests in which the names of the candidates appear on the ballot but not their party affiliations
Nonpartisan election
A legislative statement of opinion in a certain matter
A committee that is established for a limited period of time to address a specific problem
Select or special committee
A permanent committee established to handle legislation in a certain field
Standing Committee
A legislative body with one chamber
Unicameral legislature
An action by the chief executive of a state or nation refusing to approve a bill passed by the legislature
The view (associated with President Andrew Jackson) that the right to vote should be extended to all adult male citizens and that all government offices of any importance should be filled by election
Jacksonian Democracy
The exemption from punishment for a criminal offense
The division of executive power among several elected officials
Plural Executive
The postponement of the implementation of punishment for a criminal defense
To uphold a lower court ruling
A written judicial statement that agree's with the majority opinion's ruling but disagrees with its reasoning
Concurring Opinion
A civil suit dealing with disputes over written or implied legal agreements, such as a suit over a faulty roof repair job.
Contract Case
A written judicial statement that diagrees with the decision of the court's majority
Dissenting opinion
A court order requiring a government official to show cause why a person is being held in custody
Writ of habeas corpus
The official written statment of a court that explains and justifies its ruling and serves as a guideline for lower courts when similar legal issues arise in the future
Majority or deciding opinion
A court order directing a public official to perform a specific act or duty
Writ of mandamus
A provision in the Texas Constitution that states the following: "Equality under the law shall be denied or abridged because of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin
Texas Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
A relatively minor criminal offense, such as a traffic violation
Election contests in which the names of the candidates appear on the ballot but not their party affiliations
Nonparisan election
An election contest in which both the candidates' names and their party affiliation appear on the ballot
Partisan election
A financial claim against property for a payment of debt
Property lien
The postponement of the implemtation of punishment for a criminal defense
A custom of the Texas senate that allows individual senators a veto over nominees who live in their districts. By tradition, senators will vote against a nominee if the senator from the district in which the nominee lives declares opposition to the nomination
Senatorial Courtesy
The periodic of evaluation of state agencies by the legislature to determine whether they should be reauthorized
Sunset Review
Attorney General
Gregg Abbott
Carole Keetan Strayhorn
Comptroller of Public Accounts
Secretary of State
Roger Williams
Commissioner of Agriculture
Susan Combs
Jerry Patterson
Commissioner of General Land Office
Railroad Commissioner
Elizabeth Jones
15 members
Stateboard of Education