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活跃 huóyuè
brisk; active; dynamic; enliven; animate; invigorate.
存款 cúnkuǎn
deposit; bank savings.
债券 zhàiquàn
bond; debenture.
民众 mínzhòng
the masses of the people; the common people; the populace.
储蓄 chǔxù
save; deposit.
古玩 gǔwán
antique; curio.
金融 jīnróng
finance; banking.
仍 réng
remain; <adv.> still; yet.
占 zhàn
occupy; seize; take; constitute; hold; make up; account for.
自然 zìrán
natural world; nature; naturally; in the ordinary course of
密切相关 mìqiēxiāngguān
closely related.