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HBF - when/what

10-12 weeks of development > first 6 months


A2D2 hemoglobin

normal variant 2-5% of total in adult

hemoglobin bart

gamma4 - in homo alpha thal

psoas roots, sign


pain worse w/ hip extension - for abscess/damage

quad lumborum fxn

extension/lateral flexion of vert column

obturator externus fxn

high extension

quad muscle function

extend knee, flex thigh

CFTR deltaF508 - problem

degraded before reaches cell membrane

MI histo 0-4 hours

no change

MI histo 4-12 hours

early coag necrosis, edema, wavy fibers

MI histo 12-24 hours

coag necrosis, contraction band necrosis

MI histo 1-5 days

coag necrosis and nphils

MI histo 5-10 days

Macro phagocytosing dead cells

MI histo 10-14 days

granulation tissue and neovasc

MI histo 2 wks - 2 months


watery diarrhea - cells in stool?

no leukos/rbcs

mucous & sloughed epi cells

inflammatory diarrhea - cells in stool


enteric diarrhea - organism, cells

s. typhii


spherocytosis labs

high MHCH

tibial nerve function

inverts and plantar flexes


MOI to common peroneal

fibular head fx/compresssion

vasculature anterior to medial malleolus

saphenous artery/vein

vasculature/nerves posterior to medial malleolus

tibilar artery and nerve, flex dig longus & hallucis, tib posterior

IgA protease - which organisms

Neisseria, s pneumo, H flu

mesolimibc-cortical path

schizo, target of antipsychotics

tuberoinfund. path


segmental viruses (2)

orthomyxo adn rota

L/R common iliac fuse where

L4-L5 > = IVC

blood transfusion and calcium

packed RBCs antigoac w/ citrate can chelate Ca > hypocalcemia

also hyperkalemia from hemolysis

AV node conduction rate


coal lung

discrete nodules, upper lobes

organic dust - lung path

hypersens pneumo > difuse, nodular intersitial infiltrate

amyloidosis in different organs



atria: ANP

pancreas: amylin

skeletal muscle calcium source

not extracell

which muscle fibers have t tubules?

skeletal and cardiac

fibrinous pericarditis - time frame

2-4 days post MI

dressler syndrome

1 wk or more - late onset post MI pericarditis

fever, leuko, friction rub


niacin MOA

inhibits TG, VLDL synthesis

statin effect on chol uptake

increased LDL R > increaed hepatic uptake of cholesterol

bioavailability - F and calculation

F =1 for IV (max)

to calculate oral: oral AOC * dose / IV AOC * dose

which opiod receptor causes miosis?


naloxone - pharm

pure antagonist, IV

hexamethonium MOA

nACh R

acute rejection histo

interestitial lympho inflitrate - monocytes and t lymphos

patchy necrosis w/ granulation tissue - path

ischemic damage

chronic rejection histo

fibrosis w/ few inlam cells

bile obstruction and night blindness

cholestasis can > ADEK deficiency

temporal arteritis labs

increased ESR

B12 absorbed where?


carcinoid histo

min variation in shape/size of cells

eo cyto

intestinal carcinoid - cell type

APUD = amine precursor uptake and decarbox

sandpaper rash and glossitis

scarlet fever

lipofuscin cause

lipid perox - normal ox stress of ageing

glucose polymer


hyaline is what type of molecule?



pigmented accumulation due to pollution

buspirone time to effect

2 weeks

SSRIs dosing

taper up

colchine MOA

microtubule inhibition > inhibit chemotaxis/phagocytosis (leuko B4 signaling)

montelukast MOA

LTD4 R inhibitor

zileuton MOA

5-lipox inhibitor > decreased LTB, C, D, E

cox - what rxn?


incidence top 3 cancers


incidence: breast > lung > colon

deaths: lung > breast > colon

accented P2 suggests?

elevated PA P

scleroderma/crest - lung path/histo

collagen deposition - TGF/fibros > intimal thickening > PAH

Fe deficient anemia labs

decreased: Fe, TIBC, feritin, hemosiderin, Hb

increased: transferrin

cardiac cause of hoarseness?

LA impingement on L recurrent laryngeal

osteiod matrix accumulations around trabeculae path

vit d deficiency

unmineralized osteoid

subperiosteal thickening, cystic degen - path

hyper PTH

mosaic/lamellar bone - path


medulary canal filled w/ spongiosa


should be filled with BM

will also have no trabech



signet ring carcioma - histo

nuclei on one side, pushed by mucous

can invade stomach wall

ZES histo

rugal thickening

gastric adenocarcinoma - intestinal type appearance/histo

can ulcerate, well-demarcated, polyploid, nodular

NADPH fxn in RBCs

which pathway

analagous to what

protects vs oxidative damage by regenerating GSH reductase in HMP shunt during oxidative portion

similar to G6PD