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Continued full contraction of muscle

complete tetanus

Where is the concentration of sodium greatest inside the cell or outside?


what is the mechanism of action for dopamine

inhibitory NT paralyzes motor centers of brain

The "charge" or voltage difference at the Motor End Plate is known as?

End plate potential

Sx of tetanus

flaccid paralysis

Which of the following muscle types are best suited for short durations of intense energy?

fast oxidative

tiny structure within cardiac muscle that contain holes through which an impulse can pass with limited resistance?

intercallated discs

Fast glycolytic muscles

demonstrates anaerobic respiration

Molecule that inhibits active sites of actin?


Muscles of hamstrings are related to the muscles of the quadriceps femoris as...


A type of respiration that does NOT require oxygen to take place?


To which of the major groups of organic molecules does tropomyosin belong?


Process following the movement of an AP throughout the tranverse tubules

Ca is released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum

Sx of bungarotoxin poisoning?

flaccid paralysis

Myosin binds to the actin in smooth muscle, what must happen in order to allow power stroke to occur?

ATP broke into ADP + p +Energy

what is the function of the myosin light chain kinase?

transfers a phosphate group from ADP to myosin during smooth muscle contraction

mechanism by which botulism works

blocks voltage gated calcium channels

motor nueron and all the muscle fibers connecting to its synaptic knobs are referred to as

motor unit

structure which contain NT @ nueromuscular joint are known as

synaptic vescicles

whihc of the sarcomeres bands consist of actin and myosin


a connective tissue covering the fascicle


which type of muscle is found in the wall of the gut


The lighter middle stripe of the dark band is known as the


Which of the proteins connect from the middle of the thick filament to the Z disc


Muscular dystrophy is caused by mutation of


What is the contractive response of a muscle to ONE action potential known as...

muscle twitch

A functional bundle of fasiculi


Once NT binds to its receptor at the NMJ, what happens?

Opening of the sodium channels

Protein within the SR that binds up calsium to prevent the calcium from beocoming toxic


Compound is produced by glycolysis under low oxygen conditions?

lactic acid

the distal end of a motor nueron is called the


Procces causing resetting of the nyson heads

ATP is hydrolyzed into ADP+P

A muscle contained with a particular region


Major muscular fatigue

increased lactic acid

Which of the following describes the slow oxidative muscles?


the first part of an AP which sodium ions flood in the cell?


What must happen to allow muscular relaxation?

Acetylcholine must be removed

which of the following processes directly requires ATP

in order to reset or re-cock the myosin head and cross bridge

The NT of the nueromuscular junction