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Plate Glass

Glass is cast into sheets

Float Glass

floats on molten tin and provides a distortion free finish

Wire Glass

Wire mesh embedded into glass, maintains integrity during fires

Tmpered Glass

Strengthened to resist shock, shatters into small pieces

Laminated Glass

Sandwiches thin sheet of trnasparent plastuc between 2 panes, holds broken pieces in place

Clear Fire rated Glass

Multi layered laminated glass with special transparent interlayers

Pattern Glass

Geometric patterns embossed on both sides of glass


Opaque or interior painted to prevent visible light


Space between floor and ceiling

Sandblasted/ Frosted Glass

Physically or chemically distorted

Tinted Glass

Chemical coloring added in molten glass, reduces heat and build up, reduces glare

Reflective Glass

Transparent metal coating applied to exterior facing surface

Low- Emissivity

Cold applied film that controls solar gain

Glass Block

Masonry product

Insulating Glass

2 layers of glass seperated by air space to control heat

Super Windows

combine multiple glazings, multiple e-films, and very low conductivity gas

Stick Systems

Frame built up of extruded aluminum sticks, store front systems

Alumnium Extrusions

Multiple pieces snapped and screwed together


integraloxide finish

Wind Loads on Glass

Mullions as vertical beams, greatly depth

Spider Connections

Laminated strengthen glass required


Minimunm of 15% slope

Oil Canning

Warping of surface

Corrugated Panels

Folded to stiffen

Enviromental Tobacco Smoke Control

Prohibit Smoking Indoors, exterior ares 25 ft from entries and intakes, ventilated smoking rooms with seperate exhaust systems

Increased Ventilation

Mechanical- ventilation rates minimum 30% above standard

Natural- Operable Windows

Indoor Chemical &Pollution Source Control

Permanent entry grates or mats

Lighting(Human Comfort)

Individual controls for 90% occupants

Thermal control

Individual control for 50%

Daylighting and Views

Daylight in 75% of occupied spaces

Views in 90% of spaces, direct line of site 2'6" AFF

Off Gassing

Toxic chemicals slowly releasing into interior

Wood Strip Flooring

Tongue and groove for blind nailing, Hardwoods


Thin layer of concrete topped with colorful stones

Vinyl Floor

Petroleyum based, more resistant


ground up cork and linseed oil


raw cork, natural tree bark

Cute Pile carpet

exposed fiber ends, less durable

Loop Pile

Exposed side of yarn, more durable


provides adhesion and forms protective film


Fine solids for coloring


help workability

Solvent based paint

vehicles are oils or resins, more odors, used for tougher surfaces

Water Based paints

Vehicles are acrylic or vinyl resins, water as solvent


volatile organic compounds

Flat Sheen

used on uneven surfaces

Eggshell sheen

used for walls

Semigloss sheen

used for trims

Trnasparent/ semi transparent stains

little or no vehicle

Semi solids/ solids stains

Have increasing amoutns of pigments or solvents

Clear Coating Stains

Transparent sealers, high in vehicles and solvents

Medium to high slope

3:12 to 12:12 run, can use shingles

Low Slope Roof

up to 3:12 run, requires continuous material to prevent water

Soffit and roof ridges

ventilation for pitched roofs

Wood shingles

fire hazard, expensive, and labor intensive

Asphalt shingles

layers of asphalt and backing, 10-15 year life span

Fiberglass shingles

substitues glass fibers for organic felt, lasts longer

Slate shingles

Split and punched, heavy on structure, expensive


Clay and concrete, overlap and interlock

Sheet Metal Roofing

Lop Panels with interlocking seams

Standing seam Roofing

machine runs along and closes cover

Flat roof drainage

internal drainage to center

Flat roofs

slope is 1/4" recommended, 5" drop to every 20'

Below deck insulation

insulation isput into plenum

Between deck and membrane

can taper insulation but requires ventilation

Above membrane insulation

IRMA Inverted Membrane Assembly, no venting

BUR Built Up Roofing

layers of asphalt and bitumen


stone aggregate, holds down wind uplift

Single Ply Membrane

EPDM, large sheets of rubber to prevent leaks

Modified Bitumen

rolls are hot melted with torch

Fluid Applied Membrane

used for diggicult roofing mostly curves,no joints to leak

PArapet Deatil

2 piece flashing

Green roofs

made of succulent plants with low roots

embodied Energy

Sum of all the energy required to produce or serve

Life Cycle Assesment

Extraction, Processing, Transportation, Longevity, recyclability, and Disposal

Athena EiE

Environmental Impact Estimate

Rammed Earth

soil with small amounts of cement compressed into formwork


Forest Stewardship Council

Mass Customization

Framework of standard practices with slight variations

Wind Power

efficient in Midwest and Great Plains


Uses theraml heating from the earth

Heat Pumps

uses refrigeration cycle in earth

Power Plants

pump out water 1+miles, Midwest and west coast


Convert solar energy to electric power

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Comboines hydrogen fuel and oxygen to create electricity, use petroleum


clean burning biological waste products