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When should you catagorize data?
After you have collected and examined them.
A bivariate analysis that examines the differences between the 2 groups by looking at their means while weighing the sampling error
Group 1 Mean - Group 2 Mean
Standard error of the difference
Degrees of Freedom
A numerical way of expressing how much capacity the data have to vary
Independent-samples t-Test
A t-Test used when 2 group are not connected or related to each other in a direct way
Correlated-samples t-Test is also known as....
Paired-Samples t-Test
Correlated-Samples t-Test
Compares measurements taken at 2 different points in time from a single group of clients to determine if there is a real difference
Correlated-Samples t-Test is used when measuring...
1)Same group measured 2*
2)Samples are known logically
3)Used to construct a 2nd group that closely resembles the 1st
4)Differences btw. biological twins
5) Pretest Posttest Comparisons of 1 group
One-Sample t-Test
Used to determine if a randomly drawn sample is representative of the population
One-Sample t-Test is used when...
The population parameters are already known
ANOVA stands for...
One-way Analysis of Variance
Statistical procedure used when with an interval dependent variable and 2+ groups
ANOVA is based on...
The variance within groups and between groups
ANOVA allows the researcher to...
Understand if the groups signficantly vary
4 Questions a researcher should consider with ANOVA
1)Is data measured at interval and are they a random sample of larger populations?
2)Are the groups independent of each other?
3) Are the data normally distributed?
4) Is there approximately the same # of cases in each group?
ANOVA df will equal...
The number of subjects minus 1
Post Hoc Tests is used when...
Used with multiple groups beinig compared and F is signficant
Post Hoc Tests are done when the researcher is investigating...
What contributed to the finding of signficance
Bonferroni Procedure
Reduces the problem of finding signficance by dividing the .05 probablity level by the number of statistical tests to be conducted
The Post Hoc procedures minimize what?
Type 1 Error
When should you catagorize data?
After you have collected and examined them.
Paired t-Test are used when you have...
A single (1) group is measured mutliple times
If you have Pre-test, Intervention, and Post-test you use what t-Test?
Paired t-Test
Independent t-Test is used when you have...
2 groups NOT connected in a direct way
Assumptions of T-Tests:
1) Dependent variable is continuous
2) Normal distribution
3) Large sample to be accurate sample size - minimum