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In which cloud service model can the consumer provision and deploy and run?

A. Saas

B. PaaS

C. IaaS

D. Caas

C. In the infrastructure as a service IAAS model , the consumer can provision ans is able to deploy and run, but they still do not manage or control the underlying cloud interface

Which feature of cloud computing involves dynamically provisiong( or de-provisioning resources as needed)

A. Multitenancy

B. Elasticity


D. Sandoxing

B. Elasticity is a feature of cloud computing that involves dynamically provisioning(or de-provisiong) resources as needed

When going with a public cloud delivery model who is accountable for the security and privacy of the outsourced services?

A. the Cloud provider and the organization

B. the cloud provider

C. The organization

D. No One

C. The organization is accountable for the choices of the public cloud and the security privacy and outsource service.

There are some implementations of cloud computing where multiple service models(Iaas, Saas, Paas) are combined into a hybrid. This is know as what?

A. DBaas

B. Haas.



C. Xaas - Multiple models mixed together

The term "bare metal" is in regards to what type of hypervisor?

A. Type I

B. Type II

C. type III

D. Type IIII

A. Type I - Boots before the OS

Which Hypervisor boots within the OS? and

What is is know as?

1. Hypervisor II

2. Hosted