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All of the following are physiological factors shaping perception except

a. the senses

b. age and health

c. fatigue


e. hunger

It is necessary to feel sympathy in order to truly empathize with another person. T or F?

When you can't find any reasons to accept the behavior of another person, it can be helpful to

use the Pillow Method.
Practicing empathy tends to make people more tolerant of others. T or F?


All of the following perceptual factors influence the way we interpret behavior except

a. relational satisfaction

b. assumptions about human behavior


d. past experience

e. expectations

Classifying people according to age, sex, and physical attractiveness, rather than education or occupation, illustrates the cognitive framework called

perceptual schema.

We notice some stimuli over others in our environment because they are

contrasting or changing

Halo effect is the tendency to form an overall postive impression of a person on the basis of one positive characteristic. T or F?


The first step in perception is the principle of organization? T or F?


All these generalizations fit the characteristics of a stereotype, except


b. categorizing people based on an easily recognized characteristic

c. ascribing set of characterisitcs to any member of the group

d. applying the set of characteristic to any member of the group

e. none of these describe stereotyping

Empathy is related to perception in that

empathy is facilitated by trying to perceive things from the other person's point of view.

Communicating to a friend how sorry you are about the breakup of his or her romance is an example of


The term that refers to men and women possessing a mixture of traits that have previously been considered exclusively masculine or feminine is


Perception checking focuses on what part of the perception process?

a. selection

b. ogranization

c. interpretation


e. none of the above

The three stages in the perception process are

selection, organization, interpretation

All of the following are terms to describe the ability to put ourselves into another person's shoes (to view an experience from his or her perspective) except:


b. empathy

c. role-taking

d. perspective-taking

What's missing from this perception check? "I'm not sure you bought me that present as a genuine thank you, or if you were hoping I'd be less angry about what you said last night. I'd like to know what your reason was."

Nothing is missing from this perception check.

Exaggerated beliefs associated with a perceptual categorizing system are


All of the following are causes of inaccurate perception except

a. we cling to first impressions

b. we're influenced by what is most obvious

c. we assume others are similar to us

**D. We rate ourselves more negatively than others see us

e. we judge ourselves more charitably than others

Reality TV Show, "Rehab Attic", feeds into many stereotypes about women. T or F?