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What is the precation area behind the knee?
Popliteal Fossa Region
What stroke follows the draining effluerage of the entire leg in the Back of Leg sequence?
What stroke comes right before vibration (full limb jostling) in the Back of Leg sequence?
Wringing Effluerage
What section does the practitioner document the following on a SOAP chart? Upper trap P 4/10 onset one week ago due to working out
In what section does the practitioner develop a massage plan for the present session?
In what section do you document homework for the client?
What is the proper protocol for washing sheets following a massage?
wash in hot water with hypo-allergenic detergent
What are some indications for massage?
Stess, sore muscles, postural distortion, edema, fatique, insomnia
The primary function of the hamstrings is what?
flexion of the knee
Which stroke stimulates synovial fluid activity?
Which two strokes are most effective at stretching, broadening, and loosening tissues?
Petrissage & Friction
Which stroke can prevent muscle atrophy and enhance muscle tone?