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After the robber was arrested, the boys went...
to old man Paddler's cabin and found him all tied up.
What was the rough drawing that the boys found int he sycamore tree?
It was a picture of a sick man who was in a bed near a stream. It looked like a map.
When Circus was disguised as a ghost what did he do next?
Bill shined a flashlight on Circus to make him look like old man Paddler's ghost.
Why did Circus have a rough home life?
His dad drank too much.
Who was old man Paddler?
He was the old man who lived in the woods.
Where did the bank robber hide his disguises?
He hid his disguises in the sycamore tree.
After seeing the lantern in the woods what did Circus and Bill do?
They followed the light into the woods and Circus disguised himself as a ghost.
Who was Little Jim?
He was the little guy.
After Big Jim tied up the robber who went to call the police?
Circus and Bill ran to the house to call police.
Poetry was famous for ....
climbing up trees very quickly.
When Circus pretended to be a ghost, what did the robber do?
The robber was a little affraid and tried to hide.
It took courage for Bill to.... when Circus stayed over night.
say his prayers
What happened to old man Paddler?
The bank robber and his partners tied him up in his cabin.
Poetry disguised himself as an old man. What did he do next?
He took Roy and Bill's clothes while they swam.
How did the robber eventually get caught?
Poetry and Big Jim jumped ont he robber. Big Jim punched the "bad guy" in the eye. Big Jim tied him up with a rope.
When Bill's dad saw him catching worms instead of raking leaves, his dad told him.....
to go fishing.
Where were the bank robbers hiding out?
They were hiding out in old man Paddler's cabin.
Who was Dan Browne?
Dan Browne was Circus' dad.
What did Circus see through his binoculars?
He saw the light of a lantern and a black figure moving through the woods.
Who was Big Jim?
He was the boy that tied the ropes on the bad guy.
Bill felt disappointed when his dad gave the news about...
him having a new baby sister.
What did Big Jim find in the sycamore tree?
Big Jim found an envelop containing a rough drawing.
What happened to the robbers partners?
They got away.
Who was Dragonfly?
His name was Roy.
In what season did the story take place?
The story took place in the summer.
After Big Jim tied the robbers hands and feet up with the rope, Circus....
found a gun by the lantern.
What was hidden in the sycamore tree?
The bank robber's disguises and the envelop with the rough drawing were hidden in the tree.
Who was Bill?
Bill was the main character in the book.
Where did the story take place?
It took place near Sugar Creek Swamp.
How old are the boys in this story?
They are approximately 11-12 years old.
What crime did the "bad guy" commit?
He was a bank robber.
What made the boys stop digging under the rose bush?
Dragonfly noticed someone watching them.
Bill saved Dan Browne's life by calling the doctor after what had happened?
Dan Browne had been bitten by a Black Widow spider.