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What is the preferred method of delivering mutlichannel audio?
Discrete Surround
The Surround mixer should avoid mxing for one "Sweet Spot" True or False?
What are some qualifications for a good surround mixing environment?
No two room dimensions should be equal. The ceiling height ideally should be greater than 11 feet.
What type of speakers should be used for music surround sound mixing?
Direct radiator speakers
What is the optimum speaker distance from the mix position?
Between 6.5 and 7.5 feet.
The front Left and Right speakers must be "toed" in. To what degree should they be angled at?
Approximately 30 degrees
The Rear Left and Right speakers must be "toed" in. To what degree should they be angled at?
110 to 150 degrees. Optimal rear speaker angling for most environments and genres of music is in the range of 135 to 150 degrees.
Where should the subwoofer be placed?
The sub should be placed in front of the mixing position between the Left and Right speakers.
Any low pass filter internal to the subwoofer should be set no higher than...
Surround mixes should always be checked on a...
bass-managed satellite speaker system
The bass management crossover frequency should be set to?
Reference listening level for surround sound production is in the range of?
79 to 85dB C- weighted
Bus to Channel allocatyion should be as follows:
1=L, 2=R, 3=C, 4=LFE, 5=Ls, 6=Rs. Tracks of a 5.1 master shouild be printed idnetically to the bus allocatons.
Whenever signal is placed into three, four, or five speakers, it should be?
The LFE channel should never be used to carry the bass content of the main speaker channels. True or False.
The LFE channel should be _____.
Low Pass Filtered at 80-120Hz. In most cases, selecting a frequency between 80 and 100Hz will produce the best results.
What is AC-3?
MPEG-2 Level 3, Dolby Laboratories' third-generation audio encoding algorithm.
What is Bass management?
Describes a routing scheme whereby the low frequency information from all five main channels is routed to the subwoofer, along with the LFE channel information.
what is Dipole?
A loudspeaker design whereby signal is radiated in two directions simultaneously - forwareds and backwards - with equal energy but with opposite polarity. Dipole speakers provide better envelopment than direct radiator speakers, but with very poor localization.
What is Direct Radiator?
The most commonly used loudspeaker design provides the smoothest frequency response as well as the best localization qualities .
What is Dolby Digital?
A lossy encoding scheme developed by Dolby Laboratories which greatly reduces the sixe of digital audio data by discarding information that, in theory, connot be perceived. Technically called "AC-3" DVD-Video disks released in North America must carry a Dolby Digital encoded surround sound track.
What is Downmixing?
The process of reducing a multichannel mix to stereo or mono. Downmixing may be automatically done by some consumer playback equipment, making it critical that its integrity first be checked by human ears.
What is DSD?
An acronym for Direct Stream Digital. A digital recording process designed b Sony and Philips that uses only a single bit, combined with an extremely high sample rate (2.8MHz) to provide very high quality audio.
what is DTS?
An acronym for Digital Theater Systems. Commonly refers to the company's lossy encoding scheme, which greatly reduces the size of digital audio data by discarding information that, in theory, cannot be perceived.
what is DVD-Audio?
A specialized type of DVD where most of the available storage space is dedicated to digital audio (as opposed to digital video) data, allowing for a very high fidelity sound. By using a lossless encoding scheme called MLP, a DVD-Audio disk can accomodate up to eight channels of audio (typically, a stereo mix plus a 5.1 mix), at sample rates of up to 192Khz, and with a bit resolution of up to 24bits.
What is Encoding?
The proces of altering a signal, usually in order to conserve space for storage purposes. An encoded signal must be decoded in the same way by the playback system in order to be restored.
What is Envelopment?
A term used to describe the degree to which a signal is perceived as being all around the listener, with indeterminate localization.
What is LFE?
An acronym for "Low Frequency Effects" the ".1" channel in 5.1 (because it carries only approximately one-tenth of the frequency range of the main channels). In postproduction, this channel is used to provide rumble from explosions and the like; in music, it is sometimes used to carry very low frequency information from kick drums and/or bass, or sometimes not at all.
What is Localization?
A term used to describe the degree to which the location of a signal can be accurately perceived.
What is MLP?
An acronym for Meridian Lossless Packing. An optional (but often-used) lossless encoding scheme for DVD-Audio that greatly reduces the size of digital audio data by "packing" the data in a more efficient format without actually dicarding any of it.
What is SA-CD?
An acronym for Super Audio CD. Developed by Sony and Philips, the SA-CD is the same physical size as a CD or DVD, although it is capable of storing data in DSD, as opposed to PCM, format. The SA-CD specification (called the "Scarlet Book") provides three disk format options: single-layer DSD, dual-layer DSD, or dual-layer hybrid. The latter includes a standard CD "Red Book" layer that can be played on any existing CD player, in addition to a high density layer that has the capacity to deliver eight channels of DSD. To access DSD audio (which can be stereo or multichannel), SA-CDs must be played back in specialized or universal players.
What are Satellite Speakers?
A term used by some consumer electronics systems to describe the small speakers in a 5.1 system. Satellite speakers generally have extremely limited low frequency response, and so a bass management scheme employing the subwoofer is usually required in order to reproduce a full range listening experience.Sonny
What is Sony SDDS?
A cinematic 7.1 surround sound configuration which places five full-range speakers behind the screen left, left center ("left extra"), center, right center ("right extra") and right - along with two rear surround speakers and a subwoofer.
What is a Subwoofer?
A special kind of speaker designed to carry low frequency information only (generally signals up to approximately 120 Hz). Because the human ear cannot easily determine the directionality of low frequency signals, a single subwoofer is generally sufficient to carry low frequency information from all main channels, and its physical location within a room is not especially critical.
What is surround sound?
A catch-all term used to describe any multicahnnel audio system that requires more than two speakers for playback. The most common surround sound speaker configuration?
What is X-Curve?
A 3dB/octave slope starting at 2.5Khz designed to compensate for room acoustics and screen absorprion so as to provide a uniform frequency response adjustment for all theaters throughout the world.