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The composition of the inner core

Iron and Nickel

The main rocks that make up the oceanic and Continental crust are

Granite and Basalt

The layer of the mantle below the lithosphere


Where is the thickest layer of the crust is located

Under the mountain

What materials make up the lithosphere

Crust and upper mantle

What layer is below the continental crust


Of the four layers of the earth, which layer is the thinnest and has the lowest density


Which layer if earth is the thickest


Why is the mantle more dense than the crust

Density rises with depth with pressure

List the layers of Earth in order from the top down

Crust, mantle, outer, and inner core

The process in which the ocean flows sinks below a deep ocean trench and back into the mantle


This causes the movement of tectonic plates

Convection currents

Where do mountain normally occur

At convergent boundaries

What causes the movement of tectonic plates

Convection currents

What causes the forming of mountains and volcanoes along the edge of a continent


What type of plate boundary occurs at the ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean


What evidence have scientists collected that proves the breaking apart pangaea

Same fossils and rock layers

Plates that slide past each other with little or on up or down movement


Plates that move away from each other are what kind of boundary


The movement of continents away from each other is called

Plate tectonics