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Where is strep pneumonia frequently observed as normal flora?
From the upper respiratory tract of healthy individuals
What three things is strep. pneumoniae the most common cause?
Otitis media, community acquired bacterial pneumonia, meningitis in adults
To what group does strep pneumonia belong (hemolytic reactions)?
Strep pneumoniae is alpha hemolytic
What bacteria is responsible for infections of the heart, lungs, liver, brain after dental manipulations or oral trauma?
Strep viridans (specifically Strep intermedius)
Describe the gram stain and shape of strep pneumoniae
It is a gram + lancet shaped diplococcus
What is the major virulence factor for strep pneumonia and what are it's effects?
The bacterial capsule inhibits the binding of complement and is anti-phagocytic
What are inflammatory mediators of the strep pneumonia cell wall?
Typical gram + molecules such as teichoic acid, peptidoglycan, lipoteichoic acid, and cell wall proteins
What is the major exotoxin of strep pneumoniae?
The major exotoxin is pneumolysin, which kills phagocytes ONLY IN ANAEROBIC CONDITIONS
Describe the transmission of strep pneumonia
It is spread from person to person; disease is caused by spread of normal flora from naso/oropharynx to adjacent tissue or aspirations into the lungs
Who is at risk for developing an invasive infection from strep pneumoniae?
People who are old with underlying disease such as chronic alcoholism, stroke (more likely to aspirate) asplenia, viral respiratory disease
Describe the pneumonia of strep pneumoniae
It is a rapid onset pneumoniae showing chills, fever, cough with rusty sputum; heavy consolidation on x-ray
Describe the pathogenesis of strep pneumoniae meningitis
A bacteremia results with spread from the pleura to the lymphatics, into the bloodstream and then the meninges via the choroid plexus
What are some complications associated with strep pneumoniae pneumonia?
Endocarditis, pericarditis, septic arthritis, meningitis
How can strep pneumonia be detected in patients with pneumonia?
Urine antigen test
What is the first step in treatment of strep pneumoniae infection?
Testing the strain to see if it is resistant to penicillin
What is given for uncomplicated pneumonia?
penicillin G
Describe the original vaccine for strep pneumoniae
It is called pneumovax 23 and consists of purified polysaccharide from the 23 most common strains
What are the limitations of the PPV vaccine?
It has no response in children less than 2 years of age
What vaccine for strep pneumoniae is given to children?
The PCV7 vaccine which contains the 7 most common serotypes conjugated to a protein; given at 2,4,6 and 12-15 months