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Forcible Rape
somebody rapes somebody and they use unlawful force.
it is somebody that thinks about suicide all the time.
Where somebody calls you and keeps call you.
Felony murder
someone that has commited a robbery,Rape and they kill the person.
Negligent Homicide
like a little kid that takes a gun to school and shoots a kid.
2nd degree murder
someone that did not to plan to kill the person but it just happen.
It is somebody that kills somebody on purpose
Non Criminal Homicide
someone that shoots somebody by accident or mistake.
Driving under the influence or while on any other kind of drug.
1st degree murder`
somebody that planed to kill there self ahead of time.
someone that is working with heavy equitment and it falls on him and kills him.
Voluntary Manslaughter
say that that man sead he was going to kill that person and that person just kills the man right there.
you hit a police officer or any other physical contact.
you tell somebody that you will beat them up or you say you will kill them.
Involuntary Manslaughter
someone that is driving under the influence and kills the person in a wreack.