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Noun [-dihs- uh nuhns]
A harsh and disagreeable combination, especially of sounds

Cognitive dissonace is the inner conflict produced when long-standing beliefs are contradicted by new evidence.

Synonyms: clash; contention; discord; dissension; dissent;dissidence; friction; strife; variance

Noun [-dis- taf]
The female branch of a family

The lazy husband refused to cook dinner for his wife, joking that the duty belongs to the distaff's side.

Verb [dih -stehnd]
To swell, inflate, bloat

Her stomach was distended after she gorged on the six-course meal.

Synonyms: broaden; bulge

Verb [-dihth- uhr]
To act confusedly or without clear purpose

Ellen dithered around her apartment, uncertain how to tackle the family crisis

Synonyms: falter; hesitate; vacillate; waffle; waver

Adj [die -uhr- nuhl]
Existing during the day

Diurnal creatures tend to become inactive during the night.

Synonyms: Daylight; daytime

Verb [dih -vien-]
To fortell or know by inspiration

The fortune-teller divined from the pattern of the tea leaves that her customer would marry five times.

Synonyms: auger; forsee; intuit;predict; presage

adj [dahk truh -nayr-]
Rigidly devoted to theories without regard for practicallity; dogmatic

The professor's manner of teaching was considered doctrinaire for such a liberal school.

Synonyms: dictatorial; inflexible

Noun [-dahg- muh] [-dawg- muh]
A firmly held opinion, especially a religious belief

Linus's central dogma was that children who believed in the Greeat Pumpkin would be rewarded.

Synonyms: creed: doctrines:teaching: tenet

Adj [dahg -maat- ihk] [dawg -maat- ihk]
Dictatorial in one's opinions

The dictator was dogmatic, claiming he, and only he, was right.

Synonyms: authoritarian; bossy; doctrinaire; domineering; imperious

Adj [drohl]
Amusing in a wry, subtle way.

Although the play couldn't be described as hilarious, it was certainly droll.

Synonyms: comic; entertaining; funny; risible; witty

Verb [doop]
To Deceive

Bugs Bunny was able to dupe Elmer Fudd by dressing up as a lady rabbit.

Synonyms: beguile; betray; bluff; cozen; deceive; delude; fool; hoodwink; humbug;mislead; take in trick

Adj [dihs -pehp- tihk]
Suffering from indigestion: gloomy and irratable

The dyspeptic young man cast a gloom over the party the minute he walked in.

Synonyms: acerb; melancholy; morose; solemn; sour

Adj [ih -byool-yuhnt] [ih -buhl- yuhnt]
Exhilarated, full of enthusiasm and high spirits

The ebullient child exhausted the baby-sitter, who lacked the energy to keep up with her.

Synonyms: ardent; avid; bubby; zestful

Adj [ih -klehk- tihk] [eh -klehk- tihk]
Selecting from or made up from a variety of sources.

Budapest's architecture is an eclectic mix of eastern and western styles.

Synonyms: broad; catholic; selective

Verb [-eh- duh fie]
To instruct morally and spiritually

The guru was paid toedify the actress in ways of Buddhism.

Synonyms: educate; enlighten; guide; teach