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what do you do if you drop your Comb on the floor?
Use another tool
What do you do to your Work area before servicing a client
sanitize & disinfect
Precaution taken W/ blood
Universal precautions procedure
signs of infection
redness, pus, swelling
Do you perform service on Someone with a scalp infection?
Disease enters the body by...
Broken Skin, any opening in the body, nostrils
Unclean tools or surfaces
Disinfectant should be...
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
Why do we sanitize Our hands?
to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria
A Chemical that destroys the growth of disease microorganisms
A disinfectant
How often DO You change a disinfectant?
at least everyday
Where are implements placed After disinfection?
Ultraviolet Container
What are Safety Data Sheets? (SDS)
State information On product & how to protect Someone affected by the Chemical
protective clothing And footwear
closed toed Shoes, aprons, slip resistant
New salons held to DO What 3 steps ?
1. file application2.Meet Safety (inspection)3. pay fees
state licenseing agencies Can do What?
give fines, require Continuous education, impose license fees
Always follow MFD When...
Working With any Chemicals
meeting requirement from one state to another
If an implement Cannot be disinfected you...
throw it away