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Vsevolod Meyerhold
1) Very diff: Biomechanics - outside in (infl Brecht)
- similarities to MoPA though.
2) No to Stanislavski‘s "creation of life of stage" = preferred stylised theatre.
3) The Fairground Booth
4) Forth Wall
5) Rejected many lynchpins
Yevgeny Vakhtangov
Moved forth wall past footlights to combine:
* Stanislavski’s truth as in life,
* and Meyerhold’s theatricalism
So aware of audience and theatricality of performance, but still 'realistic' in Magic If.
Michael Chekhov
* Always said: based on Stan
1) Imagination not E.memory
- As limiting
2) Imitation of image
- What character do - then follow
3) Psychological Gesture
- subconscious released in gesture
4) Radiation
- Power emanating from centre
Mikhail Kedrov
* Preserving the theory
* scientific research into MoPA
Richard Boleslavsky
* Clearly understood Stanislavski's principles (The Wreck of the Ship 'Hope')
* lectures
* The first six lessons
* American Laboratory Theatre
* Lee Strasberg
Lee Strasberg
* Method Acting
* Draw experiences from own life into part (Emotion memory)
* Live your part (outside of the rehearsal space) to:
- draw more real-life experiences from.
- push more information into the subconscious.