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Who was General Charles Conwallis? and what was his cause or effect on the Revelutionary War.
In 1781, with lord conwallis and the british army moving toward virginia the state decided to give up his land cliams.
Effect: Because of the Revelutionary war, virginia gave up his land claims
Who was King George III and what was his cause or effect of the revelutionary war?
The King of England durring the Revelutioary war.
cause: He taxed the colonists and sent troups into boston, which caused the revelutionary war.
what was the role of a woman durring the Revolutionary War? What was the cause and effect of the Revolutionary War.
Durring the Revolutionary War women took responsibility of running the family farms and buisnesses.
Effect: Because the men went to war the women had to do their jobs.
What was the role of African Americans in the Revolutionary War?
What was the cause or effect?
The African Americans was to fight in the military service for the British in return for their freedom.
Effect: Americans needed troups so their policy changed
What was the role of the Native Americans In the Revolutionary War? What is the cause or effect?
The Native Americans fought for the British.
Cause: They thought if they helped the British, they might get their land back from the colonists.
What was the treaty of Paris?
What was its cause or effect?
agreement reached by the British and French in 1763 that officially ended the french and indian war.
Cause: Britain was in debt after the war, which caused King George III to tax the colonists