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CCC-Civilian Conservation Corps
Single Men, 18-25 $30.00 per month: Plant trees, bridges, flood control, set-up new parks
AAA-Agricultural Adjustment Act
Government paid farmers not to grow certain crops.
NRA-National recovery act.
Enforced codes that regulated wages,prices,and working conditions
CCC-civilian conservation corps
single men 18-25 $30 month:
Plant trees,bridges,flood control, set up new parks
AAA-Agricultural Adjustment Act
Goverment paid Farmers Not to grow certain crops
NRA-national Recovery Act
Enforced codes that regulated wages,prices,and working conditions
FDIC-Federal Deposit Insurance corporation
Insured savings accounts in banks approved by goverment
WPA-Work pogress Administration
Employed artist photographers, composers,build hospitals,schools,parks,playgrounds,and airports
SSA-Social Security Act
provided insurance for unemployed old age benefits
FLSA-Fair labor standers Act
Set minimum wage, Maximum working hours, prohibit some forms of child labor
SEC-securities Exchange commission
Protected investors by supervising the issurance of stocks and securities regulations for stock brokers
NLRA-National Labor Relations Act
Labor unions right to organize and to collective bargaining
FCC-Federal communications commission
Regulate interstate and foreighn communication facilities
SCDA-soil Conservation domestic allotment act
Raise farm prices and cut production of some crops through convervation