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nelson mandela
leader of African National Congress, won nobel peace prize for ending apartheid.
jawaharlal nehru
leader of the Indian nation congress and helped achieve independance from great britain.
sun yat-sen
leader of nationalist movement in china.
emperor meiji
emperor of japan during the meiji restoration when japan became westernized, industrialized, etc.
elizabeth 1
queen of england when england went through a time of prosperity.
mustafa kemal ataturk
first president of the republic of turkey.
ayatollah khomeini
led a revolution in Iran
indira gandhi
became first women prime minister after nehru died.
den xiaping
leader of communist china and is known for his four modernizations.
yasir arifat
head of palestine liberation organization.
gamal nasser
first president of egypt
saddam hussein
dictator of itaq
mohandas gandhi
nationlist leader of India using passive resistance and civil disobedience.
isabella I
unified spain and was very religious
mao zedong
led communist movement in china, known for the great leap forward
queen of the nile, ruled the egyptian civilization
anwar al-sadat
president of egypt after gemal nasser, wanted to end future violence between egypt and isreal.
monachem begin
prime minister during the camp david accords
jesus christ
prophet of christian religion
siddhartha gautama
founder of Buddhism
prophet and founder of islamic religion
theodore herzl
jewish writer who founded movement known as zionism
first greek philosopher
leonardo da vinci
renaissance painter/sculpter
martin luther
started the protestant reformation, posted the 95 theses
isaac newton
supported the heliocentric theory
john locke
english philosopher during the enlightenment, natural rights.
juius caeser
militay leader and hero
napoleon bonaparte
restored order to france after the french revolution, napolionic code.
catherine the great
absolute monarch who expanded the russisn territory
peter the great
absolute monarch and czar of russia, westernized russia
jomo kenyatta
afican nationalist and political leader, first president of the independant kenya
otto van bismarck
chancellor of prussia responsible for "Uniting Germany", blood and iron motto
henry bessemer
scientist during the industrial revolution
vladimir lenin
leader of the bolshevik revolution
benito mussolini
fascist dictator of italy
jospeh stalin
helped with the communist revolution
adolf hitler
started the fascist Nazi Party and became chancellor of germany, holocaust
winston churchill
prime minister of great britain during WWII. "iron curtain"
toussaint L'Overture
former slave who led a revolution of haiti against france.
simon bolivar
"The liberator" led independance movements all across latin america, gran colombia
jose de san martin
led liberation movements in argentina, peru and chile
fidel castro
changed cuba into a communist country and became dictator
manuel noriega
presiden of panama who was convicted of drugs
mikhail gorbachev
soviet premier responsible for glasnost, persitrioka, etc
boris yeltsin
first democraticaly elected president of russia
lech walesa
leader of the solidarity party in poland
johann gutenberg
inventor of the movable printing press