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Wrist immobilization splint provides what kind of support

Volar, dorsal, ulnar, circumferential forearm, wrist, hand, radial


Used for circumstances have require rest are in mobile association of the wrist when the person still have muscle control of the wrist. Disadvantage is interference with tactile sensibility and grip. Dorsal straps may impede venous flow


Better tolerated by persons with edema. can be use as a base for dynamic splinting. disadvantage sometimes leads to migration and suboptimal split performance


easy to don and doff. Sometimes used for CTS or for ulnar wrist pain


Prevent migration, provides good forearm support, controls edema, provides good pressure distribution, and avoid edge pressure disadvantage some people feel more confined

List the features of the components of a wrist immobilization splint

Forearm trough should be two thirds of the length of forearm and one half the circumference of forearm for proper pressure distribution hypothenar bar helps to place hand in neutral resting position preventing extreme ulnar deviation

metacarpal bar supports the transverse metacarpal arch

Type of splint for carpal tunnel syndrome

Volar ,dorsal, or ulnar gutter splint

Type of splint for radial palsy

Volar or dorsal

Kind of splint for tendonitis or tenosynovitis

Volar or dorsal

Type of split for rheumatoid arthritis

Volar, immobilization splint

Wrist fractures

Dorsal, volar, or circumferential. Serial static splint

Wrist sprain

Choose approach as needed for function. Location of ligament dictate position

Wrist immobilization splint

Complex regional pain syndrome

Volar , resting hand splint

Pattern for dorsal wrist immobilization

Pattern for volar wrist immobilization