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SCI C1-C3 (self care)
totally dependent in self-care but can instruct others in preferances for care. Can chew and swallow
SCI C4 (self care)
totally dependent in self-care but can instruct others in preferances for care. can drink from a glass with a long straw
SCI C5 (self care)
1.feeding requires assistance with setup
Euipment used may include
suspension sling or mobile armsupport
dorsal wrist splint with universal cuff
dycem to prevent slippage of plate
scoop dish or plate guard
angeled utensils
2.dressing requires MIN-MOD A with UB and Dep with LB
3.bathing requires MIN-MOD A
4.grooming requires A with setup
Uses splint and universal cuff
Can be I with brushing teeth and combing hair
I with electric razor that fits around the hand
SCI C6 (self-care)
1.feeding I using adaptive equipment
Universal cuff or tenodesis splint
Rocker knife
Cup with large handles
2.dressing I with LB performed in bed
Requires MAX A with socks and shoes
I with UB dressing using button hook and zipper pull
3.bathing:MIN A using tub bench and sliding board transfer
4.Grooming: I using tenodesis grasp or splint
SCI C7 (self-care)
1.Feeding I
2.Dressing:I but may need button hook
3.Bathing:same as C6 but performs depression transfers
4.Grooming: same as C6
SCI C8-T1 (self-care)
1.Self care:I
Performs depressions transfers. Can transfer from WC to floor and back to chair with standby assist.
SCI T6-L4 (self-care)
I in all self-care