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15 countries'
Two ___________ chiefs met.
5b Communities's
____________ people argue.
19 Mr. Murphy's
___________ class helped.
8 witness's
Take this __________ call.
10 ours
Her house is next to _____.
18 secretaries'
The ____________ lunches are
on the table.
14 countrys
What is our ___________ debt.
4b Communities
____________ need money.
12 theirs
The black kitten is ______?
9 its
The computer lost ___ power.
1b. April Fools' Day
___________________ is fun.
2b Congresses
_____________ are cautious.
20 Murphys
Where did the __________ go.
7 witnesses
How many ___________ came?
2 nieces'
Both ________ classes met.
13 countries
Some __________ exports oil.
11 hers
Do want hair like _____?
3 nieces
Her _________ can babysit.
16 secetary's
My ___________desk is here.
1 niece's
His ________ metal is gold.
6 witnesses'
Did the __________ stories change.
4 salesman's
It's a ____________ job.
3b congressess's
Study a ___________ record.
17 secretaries
______________ work hard
5 salesmen's
I prefer those salemen's job.