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Focal meningioma of the dura mater
Cell of origin? Benign or malignant?
CO: arachnoid cap cells
Dogs-malignant, Cats-benign
LL: Tumor on outside of brain, protrudes into brain, compresses it.
Congenital hydromyelia
Etiologic Agent? Pathogenesis?
EA: congenital-abnormal dev, vas abnormalities, in utero injury (bacti, viro, tox); acquired-bacti, viro, protozoal, tumor
PG: obstruction of CSF flow caudaul to lesion, dogs-tumor, cats-viral
LL? Where? Sequelae? Benign or Malig.?
LL: soft, solid, darker mass, well encapsulated w/smooth surface, easily movable.
Location: anywhere in ventricular system
S: block CSF - hydrocephalus
Usually benign
Choroid Plexus Tumor
LL? Where? Sequelae? Benign or Malig.?
LL: softer, solid, pitted and irregular surface, not very encapsulated, attached to other tissue.
Location: lat, 3rd, 4th ventricles
S: block CSF - hydrocephalus
Usually benign
Profundic Spina Bifida w/Secondary Arthrogyposis
LL? Etiologic Agents? Breeds? What is Arthrogyposis?
Neural tube fails to close and vert. arch fails to develop. Skin cover-occult, no skin cover-profundic.
EA: viral (Newcastle or flu), folic acid def.
Breeds: Manx, Eng. Bulldog
Arthrogyposis is neural impulses failing to stim muscles of hind legs->muscle atrophy, hyperflexion of hock ("crooked limb disease")
protrusion of meninges, neural tissue, and cerebral spinal fluid into a sac under the skin
Intervertebral fracture with Severed Spinal Cord and Subluxation
From trauma -> HBC
Paralysis of hind limbs and lose urine & def. control.
Cholesteatoma (Cholesterol granuloma)
LL? Species? Location? Pathogenesis?
Well circumscribed, yellow, firm, granular mass with some mineralization.
Sp: horse (older)
Location: lateral or 4th ventricles.
Pathogenesis: damaged choroid plexus vessels
->cholest. release-> foreign body rxn->granuloma
Congenital hydrocephalus
LL? Pathogenesis? Etiologic Agent? Breeds?
Enlarged, thin calvarium, open fontanelles and sutures (congenital), dialated ventricular system.
Pathogenesis: occlusion of CSF flow, generally at cerebral aqueduct.
EA: embryonic malformation (or injury), tumors
Breeds: toy and brachycephalic breeds
Acute multifocal necrohemorrhagic myeloencephalitis
LL? Etiologic Agent? Common Name?
LL: multifocal, asymmetrical hemorrhagic lesions in CNS grey matter
EA: Sarcocystis neurona
CN: Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis
LL? EA? DDx?
softening and yellowing of the cerebral grey matter + some edema, flattening of gyri.
EA: thiamine deficiency, usually from eating a plant that contains thiaminase.
DDx: lead encephaly, salt poisoning, CO poisoning, cerebral anoxia
Acute, focal, liquefactive necrosis of the occipital lobe of the cerebrum with coagulative necrosis of the epidermis and calvarium.
Common name? Species common in? DDx?
Thermal dehorning injury
More common in goats.
Can mimic bacterial meningitis and CAE.
Acute severe locally extensive leptomeningial hemorrhage.
Massive head trauma
Severe chronic hemorrhagic proliferative urocystitis with lithiasis
3 factors? Type of urolith?
Factors: excess of calculogenic material, inappropriate pH (usually alkaline), a matrix.
Struvite most common in ruminants.
Acute caudodorsal fibrinohemorrhagic bronchopneumonia with fibrinous pleuritis
Common name? EA?
-Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae