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other health impairments definition:
having limited strength, vitality, or alertness... that is due to chronic or acute health problems and adversely affects a childs ed performance
develops slowly and has long lasting symptons ______ ______
chronic condition
develops quickly and symptons are intense but short is ______ _______
acute condition
tonic- clonic seizures and absence seizure are _______ types of seizures
____ seizures include dreamlike state, jerky movements, see or hear things, and appear startled or in pain
students with asthma will probably monitor their lung funtions with a ____ ____ _____
peak flow meter
too much sugar is _____
not enough sugar is __________
_______ ______ are used to prevent the spread of diseases such as HIV
universal precautions
____ ____ ____ specifies procedures for child and includes action plan
health care plan