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1 assessment


1 Fluency and coherence

(how well can you speak continuously without needing to stop) ( how clearly you organize and join your ideas together when you speak)

2-lexical resource

Using a range of vocab to express your ideas clearly)

3- grammatical range and accuracy

How well you can use English grammar

4- Pronunciation


Part 1 (4 minutes)

Identity check (passport)

Question about familiar topics ( work, family study where do live)

Part 2 (talk about a topic for 1-2 minutes)

1- Task card (topic with points to talk about)

2- (1 minutes preparation for your speaking (make notes))

Part 3 ( 4-5 minutes)

Abstract questions related to topic in Part 2( travel on general )

Express like/dislike (+not)

I'm (huge/big) fan of...

I' am really into

I'm really/quite keen on couscous

I'm really/quite fond of rise

Extending your answers( to show range of language)

3 ways

Giving reasons

Giving examples

Giving preferences

Giving reasons

Use because

Giving examples

In particular

For instance

For example

To be specific


1- I prefer + noun + to + noun

I prefer coffee to tea

2- I prefer + -ing verb + to + -ing verb

I prefer playing sport to watching it

3- I would rather + verb + than + verb

I would rather stay home tonight than go out .

مثال عن تطويل الاجابة

مثال 2 لتطويل الاجابة

Showing range vocab

Questions are on familiar topics

Your hometown

Your accommodation

Your family

Your friends

Your hobbies

Use synonym

Free time= spare time= leisure time

Important= vital= crucial

Hobbies= persuit free time activities

Interests=things that we enjoy doing