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very much
how old are you?
cuantos anos tienes
walk around
pasear por
you going to do?
vas a hacer
are you sure
esta seguro
quizas, tal vez
aren't bad at all
no estan nada mal
in fashion
de moda
to expensive
demasiado caro
I have just
acabo de
I agreed
Estoy de acuerdo
all aboard
todas a bordo
all over the world
en todo el mundo
as many
as soon as
tan pronto como
at home
en casa
at least
por lo menos
at night
por la noche
este noche
become + adj.
ponerse + adj
is there/ there is
around here
por aqui
go straight ahead
sigan todo derecho
im going to order
voy a pedir
give me (order)
me das
before you get to
antes de que
where is located
por donde queda
right (infront)
alli mismo (enfrente)
but ofcourse
como no
how much is it (taxi only)
cuanto es
whats the value
cuanto vale
please speak slowly
habla lentamente por favor
not at all
de ningun modo
not bad
no esta mal
be careful
ten cuidado
how far
tan que lejos
dont worry
no te preocupes
where is
donde esta (dondestar)
its cloudy
esta nublado
its raining
its snowing
earn money
ganar dinero
what do you do
que hacer