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Do you speak English?
Habla Ingles
Do you understand what I am saying
Entiende lo que le digo
Do you read English?
Sabe leer en ingles
Could you bring an interpreter with you?
Podria traer a un traductor con usted
I don't speak Spanish
No hablo espanol
I don't understand
No entiendo
Speak more slowly
hable mas despacio
write it here please
escribalo aqui por favor
do you need an interpreter?
Necesita un traductor
an interpreter will be here in a moment
ya viene el traductor
do you need to use the telephone?
Necesita el telefono?
would you repeat please
Repita por favor
tell me in English please
Digame en ingles por favor
What is your address?
cual es su direccion
what is your telelphone number?
cual es su numero de telefono?
who lives in your home?
quien vive en su hogar?
the complete names
the telephone number
the address
los nombres completos
el numero de telefono
la direccion
What are the names of the people who may pick up ____ from school?
quienes estan autorizados a recoger a ____ en la escuela?
does your child have special needs?
Necesita su nino ayudas especiales
Medical? Academic?
medicas academicas
will the child be riding the bus?
usara su nino el servicio e autobus escolar
the bus number is
el numero del autobus es
calm down
everything will be fine
todo saldra bien
did you fall
te caiste

tay / kah EESE tah
did you hit something
te golpeaste con algo

tay / goal pay AHS tay / con / ALL goh
show me where it hurts
muestrame donde te duele

MWAYs trah may / DOAN day / tay / DWAY lay
do you have a headache
Tienes dolor de cabeza
lie down

ah KWAYS tah tay
don't move
no te muevas

noh / tay / MWAY vahs
breathe deeply
respira hondo

rrays PEE rah / OHN doh
are you going to vomit
vas a vomoitar
did you eat breakfast

day sah you NAHS tay
did you eat lunch

all morr SAHS tay
eat this
Come esto

KOH may / ESS toh
Turn around

vole TAY Ah tay
come here
ven aca
don't move
no te muevas
get up
what's your name
como te llamas
get out of there
sal de ahi

SAHL / day / ah EE
whose is this
de quien es esto
where are you going
para donde vas
he/she will be right with you
ya viene
whom are you looking for
a quien busca
do you want to wait
desea esperar
wait here
espere aqui
would you like to sit down
desea sentarse
whom have you come to pick up
a quien viene a recoger

ah / KEE ENN / VEE AY nay / ah / rray koh HAIR
who is ______ teacher
quien es el maestro(a) de ____
would you like
some coffe
a soda
some water
un refresco
sign in here please
registre su visita aqui por favor

rray HEES tray / soo/ vee SEE tah /
put your name, time and date here
escriba su nombre hora y fech aqui
how are you
como esta
may i help you
puedo ayudarle
what's your name
como se llama
you are the father of whom
used es el padre de quien
you are the mother of whom
used es la madre de quien
you are the parents of whom
ustedes son los padres de quien
you are the guardian of whom
ustedes son los padres de quien
do you wish to see the principal
desea ver al director (m)
a la directora (f)
do you have an appointment with the principal
tiene cita con el director (m)
a la directora (f)
do you wish to see a teacher
desea ver a algun maestro
do you have an appointment with a teacher
tiene cita con un maestro(a)
with whom do you wish to speak
con quien desea hablar
fill this out please
llene esto, por favor

YAY nay / ESS toh
sign here please
firme aqui por favor
write your name
escriba su nombre
may i see some identification please
puedo ver alguna identificacion por favor
Good morning
good afternoon
good evening
buenos dias
buenas tardes
buenas noches
come in please
entre por favor
sit down please
sientese por favor
I'm ______ your child's teacher
So la maestra de su nino (a)