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What is the biggest difference between optical telescopes and radio telescopes?
Optical telescopes gather light and radio telescopes gather radio waves.
What would be the best thing to use to gather information about planets?
Space probe
What was invented to help with some special problems while living inside a spacecraft.
freeze-dried foods
An object that travels in an orbit around Earth.
Which space craft is best to use for studying the Earth and why?
A satellite is best for studying the Earth because they collect information while they are orbiting the Earth.
Which telescope collects light with mirrors?
reflecting telescope
Why is it important that doctors study the problems that astronauts have?
It could help solve the problems that some people have on Earth.
Which craft is sent into space to gather information and are the ONLY craft designed to return to Earth?
Space Shuttle
What happens to a satellite in a geostationary orbit?
The satellite would stay over the same spot in this kind of orbit.
How does gravity affect the launch and travel of a satellite?
Gravity pulls against the satellite at launch and keeps it from flying off into spece when it is in orbit.
Which space craft is difficult to direct toward an object in space because all objects in space are very far away and are always moving?
space probes
Do you think we should explore space using either machines or humans? GIVE 2 REASONS
your choice
Which telescope collects light with lenses?
refracting telescopes