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List the three main regions in the Cape (S. Africa)
Coastal, Boberg, and Breede River (plus other minor ones)
South Africa Climate
-Considered mild Mediterranean.
-Hot with a lot of sun, with cooling influence from the Cape Doctor Wind and the Benguela Current from Antarctica.
-Cooler microclimates near the ocean and on mountain foothills provide greater balance. There is also some rainfall in the mountains. Very few problems from frost, hail, or excess rain.
-Coastal areas have sufficient rainfall. Irrigation common in more inland areas.
Vine Improvement Program
-South Africa
-Phase one of the VIP concentrates on clonal selection and rootstock improvement.
-Phase two analyzes the suitability to specific terroirs of various combinations of the clones and rootstocks the plan develops.
-It is so ambitious that the project will probably never end.
-The VIP has already manifested itself in wines of richer varietal character and greater complexity than ever before. Whereas South Africa was once 10 years behind the rest of the world, it is now at the forefront of viticultural research.
South Africa Grape Variety Synonyms:
-Cape Riesling
-J. Riesling
-Steen: Chenin Blanc
-Hanepoot: Muscat of Alexandria
-Cape Riesling: Crouchen Blanc
-J. Riesling: Weisser Riesling
-Chenel: Chenin Blanc x Trebbiano
-Pinotage: Cinsault x Pinot Noir
-Shiraz: Syrah
-Hermitage: Cinsault
Created by Professor Perold in 1925 at Stellenbosch University. Hermitage (Cinsault) x Pinot Noir cross.
-'Cape Blend'
South African terms.

-Edelkeur: Means ‘Noble Choice’. Traditionally made from botrytized Chenin Blanc with min 50 g/l R.S.

-Amarula: Famous cream liqueur made from the fruit of the marula tree and aged in oak.

-‘Cape Blend’: Red with minimum 30% Pinotage.
South Africa Appellation Overview
-1973: South African government introduces the Wines of Origin system. Major appellations are called WO (Wine of Origin)

-85% varietal (as of 2006, formerly 75%)
-75% vintage
-100% place of origin
- +/- 1/2% alcohol statement
-Quality wines must bear a certification seal which is awarded after tasting by an independent panel.
South Africa Appellation Structure
-Vineyards are divided into Regions, Districts, and Wards.

There are 5 regions in the Cape. The main 3 regions are:

-Breede River

The minor 2 are:

-Klein Karoo
-Olifants River
-Northern Cape
-Western Cape
-In South Africa

-Northern Cape is a geographical unit that includes the production areas Hartswater, Douglas, Lower Orange, and Rietrivier. **

-Western Cape is a geographical unit that encompasses all other production areas. **
Wine Districts that are also their own Wine Ward
(South Africa)
-Andalusia (northeast of the Douglas District)
3 most northern wine districts in South Africa
-Orange River
-Andalusia **check (NE of Douglas District, from Excel sheet)
Boberg Region WO
-This region lies within the larger Coastal Region WO. This regional WO is restricted to fortified wines except for the Paarl WO and Tulbagh WO districts.


-Paarl WO
-Tulbagh WO

Breede River Valley Region WO- Districts

-Robertson WO
-Swellendam WO
-Worcester WO
Robertson WO- Wards
A district of Breede River Valley Region

-Agterkliphoogte WO
-Bonnievale WO
-Boesmansrivier WO
-Eilandia WO
-Hoopsrivier WO
-Klaasvoogds WO
-Le Chasseur WO
-McGregor WO
-Vinkrivier WO
Worcester WO- Wards
A district of Breede River Valley Region

-Aan-de-Dooms WO
-Goudini WO
-Nuy WO
-Scherpenheuvel WO
-Slanghoek WO
Swellendam WO- Wards
A district of Breede River Valley Region

-Buffeljags WO
-Stormsvlei WO
Klein Karoo Region WO - Districts and Wards
None of the Wards lie within a larger District.


Calitzdorp WO


-Montagu WO
-Tradouw WO
-Upper Langkloof WO
-Outeniqua WO
Olifants River Region WO- Districts & Stand-alone Wards

-Cistrusdal Mountain WO
-Citrusdal Valley WO
-Lutzville WO

Standalone Ward:

Bamboes Bay WO
Cistrusdal Mountain WO- Wards
A district within Olifants River Region

-Piekenierskloof WO **
Lutzville WO- Wards
A district within Olifants River Region

-Koekenaap WO
-Spruitdrift WO
-Vredendal WO
Piketberg District WO
-No region.

-This large district lies between Swartland and Tulbagh to the south and Olifants River to the north. With very hot temperatures and annual rainfall as low as 7”, it is really not suited to viticulture, but is starting to produce some interesting fruit.
Coastal Region WO- Districts
-Cape Point WO
-Darling WO
-Paarl WO
-Stellenbosch WO
-Swartland WO
-Tulbagh WO
-Tygerberg WO
Cape Point WO
A district in the Coastal Region WO

A challenging new cool-climate district on the western and southern slopes of the Cape Peninsula that has demonstrated its potential for white wines.

-No wards
Stellenbosch WO- Wards
A district in the Coastal Region WO

-Banghoek WO
-Bottelary WO
-Devon Valley WO
-Jonkershoek Valley WO
-Papegaaiberg WO
-Simonsberg-Stellenbosch WO
Paarl WO- Wards
A district in the Coastal Region WO

-Home to KMV's main winery and office.

-Franschhoek WO
-Simonsberg-Paarl WO
-Voor Paardeberg WO
-Wellington WO
Tygerberg WO- Wards
A district in the Coastal Region WO

-Durbanville WO **
-Philadelphia WO **
Swartland WO
A district in the Coastal Region WO

-Malmesbury WO
-Riebeekberg WO
Darling WO- Wards
A district in the Coastal Region WO

-Groenekloof WO
Tulbagh WO- Wards
A district in the Coastal Region WO

-No Wards
Constantia WO
A stand-alone, external Ward in the Coastal Region WO
Overberg District WO- Wards
-No region.

-Klein River WO **
-Elgin WO **
Cape Agulhas District WO- Wards
-No region.

-The absolute most souther point on the African continent.

-Elim WO
Walker Bay District WO
-No region

-No wards

-Formerly part of the Overberg District; recently promoted from Ward status. The establishment of Hamilton Russell’s top-performing vineyard at Hermanus is greatly helping the reputation of this area.
Douglas District WO
-No region

-No wards
Northern Cape
-This is NOT a Region WO. Formerly known as Orange River, this is a geographical unit for wines designated from the aforementioned Districts and Wards. The Northern is completely segregated from the rest of the country's vineyards.

-Douglas WO

Standalone Wards:

-Hartswater WO
-Lower Orange WO
-Rietrivier (Free State) WO
-Cederberg WO **
-Prince Albert Valley WO **
-Swartberg WO **
All are stand-alone Wards.

-Cederberg WO: Comprises the Cederberg Wilderness Area, in the Cape’s famous “fynbos” region, one of the world’s six floral kingdoms, and outlying area just east of the southern part of the Olifants River region. Cederberg Cellars is one of South Africa’s fastest-rising superstars, with vineyards planted at 3,00 feet, the highest in the country.

-Prince Albert Valley WO: An area previously better known for its olives than its wine.

-Swartberg WO: Promising ward that overlooks Prince Albert Valley.
-Ceres WO
-Herbertsdale WO
-Ruiterbosch WO
All are Stand-Alone wards

-Ceres WO: located just east of the Tulbagh WO
-Herbertsdale WO: Just south of Klein Karoo
-Ruiterbosch WO
South African Wine Districts that are also their own Wine Ward (have no Wards)
-Cape Point
-Plettensburg Bay
South Africa

A gap or pass in the mountains; a deep ravine.
South Africa Wine Regions
3 major, 2 minor Regions in the Cape

-Boberg Region
-Breede River Valley Region
-Coastal Region

-Klein Karoo Region
-Olifants River Region
South Africa Most Planted (Julyan)
-Chenin (Steen), followed by Colombard

-Cabernet is most planted red, followed by Pinotage.

-73% white to 27% red (but red increasing)
Where is Wellington?
South Africa

South of Tulbagh, just north of Paarl (located in Paarl WO), and thus north of Stellenbosch
South African term for 'vintage'.
Cape Growers' Cooperative

Established 1918. Controlled the entire wine industry of South Africa until 1992.

Greatly encouraged brandy and fortified wine production.
Pinotage Origins
1925: A.I. Perold- Pinot Noir x Cinsault

1961: First Pinotage Label, on a 1959 Lanzerac
Which WO District?
-Hamilton Russell
-Rustenberg: Stellenbosch
-Kanonkop: Stellenbosch
-Delheim: Stellenbosch
-Hamilton Russell: Walker Bay
-Villafonté: Paarl-Simonsberg
Cape Blend
Red blend from South Africa with a minimum 30% Pinotage
What is Oude Libertas?
A wine education and tourism center located in Stellenbosch.
WO on Orange River besides 'Northern Cape'
Douglas District WO
Lower Orange Ward WO
Hartswater Ward WO
South African Vin de Liqueur produced by adding alcohol before fermentation, to very sweet grape juice, usually Muscat BPG (aka Muscadel).
4 Non-Coastal Regions of South Africa
-Lower Orange Ward
-Hartswater Ward
-Riet River Free State Ward
-Douglas District

(From Julyan)
Where is Mosel Bay?
SE coast of South Africa
Chenin Blanc x Trebbiano

Grown in South Africa
What/where is Lutzville?
Lutzville (WO)

District in the Olifants River Region, South Africa. In the northern part of the region, on the Olifants River, very near the coast.
J. Riesling in South Africa
'Weisser' or 'Rhine' Riesling
Stand-Alone Wards
-Prince Albert Valley
List the Region and District for the following Wards:

-Boesmansrivier: Breede River Valley WO; Robertson WO
-Hoopsrivier: Breede River Valley WO; Robertson WO
-Aan-de-Dooms: Breede River Valley WO; Worcester WO
-Slanghoek: Breede River Valley WO; Worcester WO
-Buffeljags: Breede River Valley WO; Swellendam WO
-Stormsvlei: Breede River Valley WO; Swellendam WO
List 3 "freestanding" (not located in a Region) Districts in South Africa
-Walker Bay
-Cape Agulhas