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What is sound?
Sound is a disturbance that travels through a medium as a longitudinal wave.
In what direction do longitudinal waves move?
up and down
What three factors does the sound of speed depend on?
temperature of medium
The ability of a material to bounce back after being disturbed
What is how much matter or mass, there is in a given amount of space or volume called?
What are the three states of matter
solid, liquid, gas
you learned this in 6th grade
When air rushes by your vocal cords, it causes what to vibrate?
Why is it that sound cannot travel through space?
There are no air particles in outer space, there is nothing for a longitudinal wave to pass through.
How does sound travel through a medium?
A vibration creates compressions and rarefactions in the medium near the source of sound.
What is a compression?
The part of the wave when the particles are close together
What is a rarefaction?
The part of the wave where the particles are far apart.
How do you hear sound?
The outer ear funnels sound waves, the middle ear transmits the waves inward, and the inner ear converts the soundinto a form that your brain can understand.
What is a few centimeters long and ends at the eardrum?
ear canal
The middle ear contains the three smallest bones in the human body.. name them
Where are the three smallest bones of the body located?
A cavity shaped like a tiny shell is called the _______.
What is lined with more than 10,000 tiny hairs?
How do your outer ears detect sound?
They focus sound waves into the ear canal.
How can sound damage your hearing?
Loud sounds can damage some of the hairs in the cochlea.
What happens once sound waves enter the ear?
Vibrations move the hammer, which moves the anvil, and the stirrup. The stirrup vibrates against a membrane of the inner ear causing fluid to vibrate, stimulating tiny hairs which are connected to nerve cells.
What is sonar?
A sonar device sends out waves and measures the time it takes to detect the reflected sound waves.
List three ways animals use sound waves to communicate?
to navigate
to find food
to communicate
What does it mean to navigate?
To find it's way
How do doctors use ultrasound?
To " see inside" the human body, and diagnose and treat medical conditions.
What is echolocation?
The use of sound waves to determine distance or to locate objects.
Give two examples of animals that use echolocation.
When elephants stomp on the ground , what type of sound is being produced?
When a dog trainer calls a dog what type of sound is being used?
How can ultrasound be used in medicine?
To look inside the body
to destroy unwanted tissue
to check a fetus
Sonar can be used in the ocean how?
Give two examples
to locate sunken ships
to find schools of fish
to determine how deep water is