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Compression of air molecules:

When they are really close together

Rarefaction of air molecules:

When they are spread apart

Speed of sound in air

Varies with humidity, temperature, wind

Dry still air

speed= 330 m/s

Room temperature air

around 340 m/s

(If the speed of sound is constant) LONGER wavelengths will have ________________

Lower frequencies than shorter wavelengths

Sound waves can reflect:

Bounce off smooth rigid surface

Absorb by soft and irregular surface

Refract (bend) if there is a difference in temperature or density of air

Loud spots are locations where...

crests from both sources arrive at the same time

Dead spots are locations where...

troughs from both sources arrive at the same time


when windows shake


Destructive: when only one compression from a tuning fork meets in the same location

Constructive: when both compression spots from a tuning fork meet in the same location


Pitch, loudness, and quality


is frequency.

High pitch =

high frequency

Low pitch =

low frequency

Octave =

a factor of 2 in frequency

We can hear from about...

20 Hz - 18,000 Hz


power per area (W/m2)

Threshold of hearing:

10 ^-12 W/m2

10 decibels =

1 bel

0 bel =

threshold of hearing

1 bel is

10 x louder

2 bels is

100 x louder


Standing waves in pipes

2 ways to describe maxima

Pressure and displacement

What property makes it possible to tell the difference between the same note played on a guitar and a piano?

Wave shape