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no free enterprise (each farm has to make so much rice and you get to sell the rest)
reeducation camp
camp that makes you stay until straightend out
Name some enviornmental features (4)
Banyan tree, wild boar, water snakes, orchads(white) that grow on mountains, jubjube orchard, durian fruit, mango tree, coconut kongs, wild orchids
Viet Cong
soldiers in South Viet Nam who favored the North (Uncle Long was a Viet Cong) (aka National Liberation Front)
Agent Orange
herbicide uses in war to kill all of an areas plants so people couldnt live off of them.
makes plants die and loose their leaves
Family Alter
Where they worship the dead. have clock, red or gold, incense burner--- makes ancestors feel welcome---place offering of food or flowers....if familys cant or dont do this spirits arent welcomed home
where you believe there is a soul everywhere (religion)
three wheeled bike
Don Ganhs
pole you put water on
con lai
fatherless child
match maker
someone who arranges marriges
ao dai
a womans outfit -- top that is fit and loose pants
non la
pointy hat farmers wear