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I got my first crush

I did not know it was going to come in a rush

every time time I see your eyes my heart beat beats ten time faster

you make me laugh like no one else

you read all the books I'm reading

you ask me if you draw good

I wish I knew what you feel for me

sometimes I think you like me but you confuse me

when you talk to me you talk to me you look me in the eyes

I wish I could tell you what I feel but I'm to shy for that

I have not even told my friends

I tried to tell my sister but she doesn't believed me

you see I have a lot of secrets and I never tell any one

but this feeling I have for you is really strong so that I needed to get it out

that's why I'm writing it here

its like writing to my future self like Mr. Mato said

The best thing about you is that you make me laugh and you read all the books i I'm still reading love it when you make jokes

last Friday i still remember your smile you were looking right at my eyes your pupils you wouldn't imagine how I felt my heart was about to explode I was really nervous but at the same time I was enjoying it I was laughing I loved it when started shadows together in the screen projector you did a dog an d it was '' eating me ''

you trying to tach something in the hands in the middle of the class got us both in trouble and talking about my favorite books and got us in trouble again walking to the lockers together finding a conversation the go up quietly and then you started another conversation

he asking me what boy would I choose if I had to being to shy to tell him it will be him I asked him what girl would you chose he told me he was asking first so I said I would think obviously to give to come out of that situation he looked at me and told me I haven't answered the question I told him I did not Know

I think he looked disappointed or curios may be both not quite sure well that is my perspective point of view he may be not like me but I think he does like me back

September 1, 2017

yesterday was awesome our teachers gave us only no homework

we even watched part of a movie (God's Not Dead) in Bible class

P.E was okay I mean we walked a mile but I ran part of it big mistake I was sweating felt disgusting that's nothing the day after that we were running a lot in the gym I was sweating like crazy we went to church that day inside that building was burning hot I felt the sweat dripping through my back

anyway,Fridays are awesome but I mean I hoped it would not be that hot next Friday but Thank you Lord for the beautiful day it was yesterday

science is interesting but its kind of boring I mean the teacher is nice and all but

yesterday was kinda fun in her class she let us play like five minutes but something is something

math has always been one of my favorite subjects Mr. Mato is really funny he is like happy to teach I mean he jumps in class makes the class fun he does not let us play in class but lets check our answers with our classmates when we have an opinion he accepts it and talks about it and says if its right or wrong and if its wrong he tells why and the right one politely

Mr. Smith is our history teacher he is nice but when he tries to explain something he gets really confusing but I'll have to give him credit its his first year teaching (I think) history also has been my favorite subject he is nice I ask a lot of good questions some or I must say almost all of my questions he does not know but he does try to answer them he looks them up

my literature,VSP, and grammar and composition teacher is funny in a way I guess when she gets mad at people she is scary that's when I start laughing don't ask but when she gets mad at me I bet that's another story

my P.E teacher well what can I say I have known her since Kinder she is strict in a way but she talks to as a friend and student she tries to understand you

my Bible teacher or coach he is the head coach of all the school sports but

anyway his name is Mr. or Coach Neff is fun I guess he lets us talk in whispers every Friday he lets see a movie

my art teacher Mrs. Fore is quite nice if i may say so she lets us talk as well she is really teaches art really well

science as I all ready told you that story her name is Mrs. Medina

September 2, 2017

today was not a big deal I came to my study room started watching videos while doing homework my teachers did not left me that much homework when I finished I ate the I started watching God's Not Dead 2 it was awesome when that finished I started writing at first of you know who then of my Friday

September 3 , 2017

today I went to a meet my sister won first place it was I went for exhibition well it was fun but I don't know something was missing I did win in the exhibition I went to church that day and the boys were acting crazy we went to this restaurant really expensive and the food did not taste that good