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What are rocky planets?
Other name for inner planets.
What is Fire strom
Firestrom is the erruption that shoots out from sun.
What are inner planets?
First four planents, Mercury,Venus,Earth and Mars.
Which outer planet is different from other outer planet.Why?
Pluto. It is frozen,dark and made out of rock and ice.
How many planents are there? Name them
What makes day and night.
Earth orbits around the sun, it spins like a top. When one side spins to face the sun , it is day and It is night on the other side of sun
The light for moon comes from ___________.
Which planet has a life and why?
Earth because it is at just right distance from the Sun for plants and animals.
Moon orbits around ________.
Many of _________ have moon.
Which is the largest planet?
When we see tail in comets?
Comets come from area that is far way from pluto. When comets gets close to the Sun, some of its icy center melts. The tail which you see behind a comet is made of the gases and dust that fall away from comet when it melts.
Which is smallest planet?
What are comets?
Comets are made up of frozen ice and dust that orbits around sun.
what is Meteorite?
When a piece of rock or metal that has hit a planet or moon.
What are Asteroids?
They are the pieces of rock and metal that orbit the sun
What is Meteoroid?
Pieces of rocks or metal floating in the solar system.
All outer planets except _______ are made up of gases and have rings orbiting them.
What are Outer planets?
Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and pluto.
The Sun is a ___________.
Thre are million of stars in the universe. As compare to them Sun is a small star. But it looks big and Bright. Why?
It is the closet star to earth
What is the other name for outer planets
Gas Planets.
Which planet has most rings?
Temperature at the center of the earth is ___________.
27 million degree F or
15 million degree C
Sun is in the___________ of the Solar system
What are these rings around planents.
Rings are pieces of rock, ice and dust circling around planet.
what is solar system
Solar System is the group of planets including earth which orbits around the sun, many moons, asteroids, coments and meteroids.
Name the scientist who found that earth revolves around the sun.
Nicolaus Copernicus
How many earths could fit inside the sun.
more than 1 million
First spacecraft
Apollo II
Instrument that make far away objects seem closer.