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systematic annihilation or attempted annihilation of people because of race or ethnicity
ie. in 1800's native Americans labeled savages 95% wiped out
ethnic groups
people who identify with one another based on ancestory and culture
minority groups
sociologist Louis Wirth defined as people who are singled out for unequal treatment and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination
dominant group
have the greater power, privileges, and highest social status. they consider its privileged positions to be the result of its own innate superiority
ie. white males
2 ways to become minority group
1.expansion of political boundaries
ie. slaves
Ashley Doane- Ethnic Identity
study on size and power
-appearence and degree of discrimination develops ethnic identity
ethnic work
how people construct their ethnicity- how they maintain their group's distinctions such as clothing, food, language, religion, holidays, and attempts to trace family genealogies
is an action- unfair treatment directed against someone
attitude that promotes discrimination- a prejudging of some sort
female coronary bypass surgery
unintended sex discrimination. Doctors thought it was cramps
quiet revolution
fundamental changes in society that follow when vast numbers of women enter the workforce
why some surgeons advise unnecessary hysterectomies
possibly removing cancer
glass ceiling
an invisible barrier that women face in trying to reach executive positions
-women tend to be support
sexual harassment
unwanted sexual advances, usually within an occupational or educational setting
date rape facts
-most goes unreported
-happens to couples they known for years
-jury's thought that if women knew accused, she was not raped
graying of america
increasing population of older people in u.s. population
-13% 65 or older
life expectancy
number of years people can expect to live
life span
maximum length of life
impact of baby boom generation
symbolic interactionists believe that positively affect the view of older people
institutional discrimination
how discrimination is woven into the fabric of society
ie.home mortgages- race and ethnicity
scape goats
people who are unable to strike out at the real source of frustration (such as low wages) find someone to blame
reserve labor force
-workers kept unemployed to replace workers
-put workers against each other
selective perception
-produce prejudice
-often based on labels cause to look all alike
-negative stereotypes
gender stratification
refers to males' and females' unequal access to power, prestige, and property, on the basis of sex
biological characteristics that distinguish males from females
consists of whatever traits a group considers proper for it males and females. it is social and varies from one society to another
-masculine and feminine
-social characteristics
cultural influence on gender
in each society acts different from one generation to the next
ie. quilt vs skirt
veterans study
high testosterone= aggressive behavior
womens minority group
because of physical factors
-women's biology taking care of babies, men have longer absence
theorists believed universal
1. nursing mothers could not leave babies had speed to hunt- pregnant could not
3.females bear children
status of women in early u.s. societies
-no jury
-no vote
-no legal contracts
-no property name
-yes testify in court
dependency ratio
number of workers who collect social security compared with the number of workers who contribute to it
-number of workers to support one retiree
family in which man has more than one wife
family in which woman has more than one husband
people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption (broad definition)
nuclear family
husband, wife, and children
societal norm that specifies that people must marry outside group
ie. salu society exogamous
societal norm that specifies that people should marry within their own group
function of incest taboo
avoid role confusion, must look outside the family for marriage partners.
-maintains socialization of children because it avoids role confusion
conflict theorists- house work
struggle for scarce resources
-most women do most of house work even if they work
-though some men believe they do half
-major theme of conflict theorists struggle of house work
playing dumb
Arlie Hoschild- strategy of men playing dumb on certain tasks
husbands and housework
if men get laid off they do less housework
marriage choice influence
1.age class
5. religion
latino family culture
characteristics of culture
-machesmo- male dominance
fictive kin
people who have helped out others not related
ie. for survival
native american families
keep traditional or assimilate
social class and arrival of children
Lillian Ruben- research found significant variables regarding adjustment to arrival of children is social class
-higher upper class its easier
source of strain for single parent family
being worn down by poverty
age of u.s. first time brides
cohabitating couples and marriage
adults living together in a sexual relationship without being married
-in u.s. 10 times
-41% of u.s. parents have
women in higher education
-earn more than 1/2 (65%) of bachelors degree
-less likely to earn doctrine degree
-less likely to become full professors