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both cesare lombroso and enrico ferri agreed that there were different criminal types which included all of the following except the
white collar criminal
true or false: it has been conclusively proven that there is a strong relationship between someones IQ and the likelihood that they will become a criminal
true or false: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be treated in some individuals very succesfully using drugs such as stimulants such as ritalin and methamphetamine
as discussed in class and seen in the video wi wached about troubled children, some children grow up acting much like sociopaths in the way they mistreat otheres, a problem reffered to as
an attachment disorder
true or false: in the video killing us softly 3, it is explained that we are constantly being presented with a picture of the ideal woman and man bu advertising, something that gives a lot of people that impression that they are physically deviant
according to the video killing us softly 3, the first step in justifying violence agains women is
seeing them as objects
which of the followin is NOT a characteristic of a psychopath/sociopath
a strong sense of empathy
durkheims anomie theory states that deviance and crime are the result of
social disintegration or unfullfilled human aspirations that are insufficiently regulated by the norms of society
merto believe that most everyone in society believes in the same three goals
money power prestige
according to merton the modes of adaptation, most people believe in both the goas of society and legitamate means byu which they can be achieved. IN this respect most people are
true or false: the zonal hypothesis states that there are areas or zones in metropolitan areas where crime remains constant even as immigrants to the city move through zones to other zones they do not bring crime with them
albert cohen's "middle class measuring rod"
outlines the ideal values and norms of the middle class
which of the following is not an element of sutherlands idea of differential association
criminal and noncriminal behavior are reflections of quite different needs and values
sutherland said that delinquent behavior is learned not inherited he also said that learning occurs in intimate groups
according to matza's drift theory, delinquents
are much like their law abiding friends
true or false: the basic notion of control theory is that people are evil or at best, amoral
from the standpoint of control theorists, define the meaning of external controls and internal controls and give and example of each
An external control is comething that you can use to help stay away from crime, for example an external control could be a good role model
An internal control is something that you use to divert from crime, for example a strong moral conscience
true or false: in Control theory of delinquency, travis hirschi maintains that control theory assumes the existence of a common value system within the society or group who's norms are being violated
Travis Hirschi named four outer dimensions of social bonding, list and define them
1 belief- you must firmly believe that being food is for the good of society, believe in the values and norms of scoiety
2 attachment- this states that a parent must spend time with a child so as to create an attachment
2 other outer dimensions of social bonding by hirschi
involvement- children must be preoccupied so that they cant get incolved with deviant behavior
commitment- commited to norms and values that society teaches
in writing about labeling theory, edwin lemert calls the type of deviance that everyone engages in occasionaly
primary deviation
labeling theorists maintain that labeling sometimes leads a child to become known as a delinquent thereby making delinquency
a master status
in his essay labeing theory howard becker states that the central fact about deviance is that
it is created by society
beckers labeling theory states that deviant acts are defined by
how people react to them
the basic understanding of the conflict theory, as described by richard quinney in his eassy "conflict theory of crime" is that
laws protect the interests of dominate classes in society
In robert Regoli's and John Hewitt's differential oppression theory, the cause of delinquency is blamed on
the oppression of children by adults
according to joel bests "deviance:the constructionist stance" the constructionist perspective represents a wedding of the views of
labeling and conflict theories
the type of research conducted by the adlers as described in the article "researching dealers and smugglers" is known as
of the problems the adlers confronted with their research one was not.....
problems maintaing their database on their personal computer
in order for the adlers to get people to participate in their study
it was necessary to develope trust in their respondents
as discussed in the introduction to part 4, the adlers point out that howard becker suggested that we call people who "make" deviance by drawing on the power and resources of organizations, intitutions, agencies, symbols, ideas, communication and audience
moral entrepreneurs
the adlers describe the process by which rule enforcing is brought about in society. what are the 2 steps
claims making, and moral conversion
the idea of differential social power includes the notion that a deviant definition can be applied too a social status or lifestyle. when entire groups can be dubbed with a deviant status, tha basis for this understanding is often based on
an ascribed status
in his essay social construction of drug scares, craig reinarman states that the first most significant drug scare in the us was over
true or false: in discussing culturally specific theory of drug scares, reinarman notes that drug scares have been far less common and less virulent in societies other than the US
according to tuggle and homes essay, "blowing smoke, status politicas and the smoking ban" the underlying assumption of the theory of status politics is that
deviance is socially constructed
Tuggle and Holmes use of the theory of status politics in examining public attities regarding smoking is based on the assumption that
denouncing smoking symbolically enhances the status of moral entrepreneurs
true or false. Mary DeYoung in her essay "moral panics, the case of Satanic Day care centers," notes that moral panics serve as a destablizing function at a time of unsettling social strain
what did Mary DeYoung name as the trigger or spark of the 1983 McMartin preschool moral panic
vague comments by a 2 and a half year old
IN william chambliss' essay, "the saints and the roughnecks," the group who were the most delinquent boys at hanibal high school were
the saints
one major difference in the frequency of offenses between the saints and the roughnexks that lead to one group being singled out as the more delinquent is
one group had less money than the other
true or false: the current status of the grownup members of the saints and the roughnecks confirmed that the community's confidence in what their potential would lead to
according to Elijah andersons essay, Police and the Black male, there are differences in the ways that black citizens contrast the local plice from their neighborhoods and the downtown police with whom they sometimes must deal. Name three of these differences
1 local police are more involved with the communities, they know some of the people of the area by name
2 the downtown police are less inclined to be kind with the people of the neighborhood
3 the downtown police are more racist and beat the people on the street corner
true or false: Anderson states that when blacke attain a certain age, such as 24 years of age, they stop getting stopped by the police so often and wehn they are, they are no longer the object of the police scrutiny they once faced.
In the video a class divided, the teacher divides her class into 2 groups based on their
eye color
the studends who appeared in A class divided were
all white
in the presentation "the history of non medical use drugs in the US," charles whitebread describes the process by which laws are passed to regulate immoral behavior such as drug use. the most important step is
to describe the activity as a practice of an out group of society
whitebread maintains that the single law most responsible for reducing drug addiction in the US was
the pure food and drug act of 1906
briefly describe the process the US congress went through to pass the marijuana tax act of 1937
no debate, voice vote
the movie dogtown z-boys describes the group of skateboarders who revolutionized the sport as being
the z boys included diverse group of individuals, the one group that was not represented by the z-boys was
none they got em all
according to the lecture, the group in US society that has been, throughout history, the least likely to use drugs is
african americans
the way we interact with people has a lot to do with the way that we percieve them based on such factors as the way they are intrinsically, what they have done or rank they have in society, qualities that make up an individual's
Charles Cooley, in discussing the social/symbolic interactionalistic perspective, says that we present ourselves to others as we believe other expect us to be, a course of action that he calls
the looking glass process
you might be a good student and a fantastic party animal. unfortunately, you might have na important paper due tommorow and a major mid-winter party to go to tonight. if you go to the party you wont have time to write the paper: if you write the paper you lose your face as a party animal. this is an example of
role conflict
the characteristics that we have just being ourselves are often more important in ways people interact with us than the chatacteristics we have developed ourselves through hard work and study. these statuses are reffered to as
ascribed status
unfortunately,when a chiold has been dubbed a delinquent, it becomes the label most people associate with taht indivicaul making it their
achieved status
some norms that are shared by societies are helpful in that they direct us in carrying out our day to day lives so that we can live in harmony. theses norms are normally not a matter of life or death, but simply understood rules of conduct. these low impact norms are called
looking at life as a sociologist, we see that humans are the product of forces around us that form us into the individuals we are, establishes the values and norms we believe in, and provides us with our self identity, a phenomenon reffered to as
in order for a theory to be useful to sociologists in understaing and dealing with deviance is must have all of the following qualitites except
dialectical inteegrity
one of the assumptions of the positicist perspective of deviance is that deviance is and obserbable object, hense objective research methods can be used.
the idea that deviance is the product of causation is called
which of the following is not a a significant finding that emerged from self report studies
there is actually no crime in the US
the group that settled in massachustes in the 1600's and who laid the foundation of the normative system for the US were
the puritans
before the classical school
the nobility were spared the the most torturous and degrading punishments
the basis of tghe idea of the social contract is
people exchange some of their freedoms for protections from those who would harm them
true or false: Ceasare Beccaria wrote an essay on crimes and punishments, in which he stated that the prevention of crime is more important than the punishment of the crimes
look at the first test questions 17 to 20
according to tittle and paternosters essay" a typology if deviance based on middle class norms, the group that dominates US society's standards and norms is
the middle class
according to the essay written by Druann Heckert, students in prestigous, selective schools such as the university of colorado, are an example of
positive deviance
true or false: the primary point that emile durkheim makes in his essay, the normal and the pathological, is that crime is both necessary and useful in society
in his essay "social structure and Anomie" Robert Merton maintains that in modern societies there are culturally defined goals that are promoted that all believe in and strive for
institutionalized norms
crime according to sutherlands and cressey's essay, differential association,
is learned much the same way as all ordinary behavior
although ti si stull a hotly debated issue, the consensus among experts is that the effect of prnography is considered to be
not harmful if it is not violent
according to social research, the groups in society that are most likely to engage in extramarital sex are
lower income males
in recent years the biggest market place for pronography in the US bas become
the internet
generally sexual harrasment in the Us
reflects mens attempt to preserve their traditional domination over women
true or false: most prostitutes tend to about the same social and sexual backgrounds, educational levels and goals as conventional women
in the movie American Pimp we are given the impression that
pimps have predatory relationship with their prostitutes
true or false. the aristocrats of prostitution, highest paid most succesful and safest are the women who are not call girls
the primary reason that women become prostitutes is
the money
johns or the clients of prostitutes, are likely to participae in the sex trade for all the following reasons except
they wish to avoid the possibility of contracting aids
one truth about homosexuality is that
most gay men and lesbianslook and behave like their heterosexual counterparts
in most same sex relationships
a more egalitarian realtionship exists than in most heterosexual relationship
the latest statistics tell us that the percentage of persons with gay or lesbain self identification in the us is
2.8% men and 1.4% women
althouhg aids is not as great a problem in the gay communityas it was due to safe sex practices and monogamy, what group in in society is now affected
heterosexuals 18 to 25
in the early 80's gay mens sexual activity went through a radical shift from casual sex to monogamy beacuse of
an increased fear of AIDS
the most successful, feasable waythat the spread of aids can be prevented is
the use of condoms
the percentage of people in the US who believe gays and lesbians should have equal right in areas such as job opportunities, health insurance, inheritance, and social security
one thing that is not true about homophobes is that
they look great in mascara and eye liner
true or false: one thing about todays society is that the intolerance based on sexual preferences is no longer evident
according to Weinberg, Williams and Priors article , becoming bisexual, a bisexual individaul has gone through a series of steps to embrace that identity. the first of these steps is
a state of identity confusion
name 3 of 5 reasons that scully and amrolla in their essay , convicted rapists vocabulary fo motive, gives as a justification given by rapists to justify rape
women are seductive, no means yes, nice girls dont get raped
true or false: According to adina nack in her article, identity and stigma of women with STD's. once women have made both therapeutic and preventive disclosure of their diseases, most women no longer carry the intense shame of being sexually diseased women.
the article "sexual asphyxia, a neglected area of study," deals with a practice that
is a highly secretive and hidden from of deviance
in his article, cruising for sex in public places, richard tewksbury describes the men who participate in this practice as being
from all walks of life
amy flowers deails an interesting realm of sexual acitvity in her essay "the manufacture of fantasy"
phone sex
Martin and hummer maintain in their essay, fraternities rape on campus that the drug that is mostly responsible for rapes in thsi setting is