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Jacob Riis: How the other half lives

Photos of NYC slums. basis for muckraking. lead to tearing down of worst tenements, sweatshops, etc. also lead to a reformation of city schools

Jane Addams: The spirit of youth

turned america to needs of children, local public health, and world peace. women were responsible for cleaning communities. women needed to be able to vote

andrew carnegie: gospel of wealth

wealth passed down through generations was bad. the wealthy should distribute their surplus in a responsible manner

walter rauschenbusch: christianity and the social crisis

social gospel movement. people should live a christ-like life. individuals have a responsibility toward society. kingdom of god tests and corrects the church

lazarus the new colossus

poem about the millions of immigrants who came to the usa and saw the statue of liberty

puck cartoons

colorful political satire that dealt with immigration from 1871-1918

spanish american war of 1898

emergence as a world power. long cuban struggle for independance from spain. roosevelt rough riders.

albert beveridge: america's destiny

1898 the US went to war with spain over cuba. expanded to the phillipines. it was mostly about trade

mark twain : the war prayer

short story about how going to war means you know that one side will suffer terrible defeat but you do it anyway


Dewey was the founder of pragmatism, functional psychology, and a leader of the progressive movement in education in the usa.

Creative Democracy

democracy is a way of life and an experience built on faith in human nature and working together. its a moral ideal requiring actual effort and work by people