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What was...

The Washington Naval Conference
meeting of major powers after WWI to reduce the size of their navy's

EXCEPTION: Japan allowed to grow navy
What is...

An ideology that stresses nationsalism and militarism
-uses force to control country
-allows private property
-puts best interest of country before
those of individuals
What was...

The Weimar Republic
democratic government of Germany after WWI
What was...

"Mein Kamp"
Book that Hitler wrote in jail that spells out his racist beliefs and plan to take over Europe and the world
What was...

The March on Rome
1922-March by Italian fascists who were demanding jobs
result: Mussolini comes to power
What was...

The Master Race
tall, muscular, blonde-haired, blue-eyed

-what Hitler believed to be the only "good" race
What was...

The Reichstag Fire
believed to be set by Hitler's men
Result: Hitler got emergency power
What were...

The Nuremberg Laws
Laws that restricted rights of Jews
What was...

Nazi's targeted Jewish places in 1938

-Several Jews arrested/ sent away
What was...

The Munich Conference
meeting between Britain, France, Germany, Italy

Germany given permission to take over Sudatenland (Czech)
What was the Sequence of Countries taken over by Germany
1) Austria
2) Sudatenland
3) The rest of Czech
4) Poland
Who are the axis powers?
Italy, Germany, Japan later added
What was...

The Kelogg-Briand Pact
An International aggreement that outawed war