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Organization Established to assist recently freed slaves in the 1800s.
The Freedman's Bureau
What were entrepreneurs from the North who came south after the Civil War called?
What was the law that stated that descendants of confederate veterans were not requried to take literacy tests known as?
The Grandfather Clause
What did the Jim Crow Laws accomplish?
Created seperate by equal facilities for recently freed slaves.
What was the result of the Suffrage Act?
Women were given the right to vote.
What is Gerrymandering?
A method that prevented African Americans from voting by creating election districts to benefit certain groups or political parties.
Who introduced the Rural Free Delivery Bill?
Tom Watson
What did the Ruarl Free Delivery Bill do?
Provided faster mail service.
What was the name of the movement that linked the New South Era and the ProgressiveEra called?
Populist Movement
What group tried to bring unions to Georgia in the late 1800s and early 1900s?
Textile Workers
What caused the formation of the Knights of Mary Phagan?
The murder of Mary Phagan and the Leo Frank case.
What was the convict lease system?
A system where prisoners were used for labor by businesses and industries in Georgia.
Why was the county unit system designed?
Candidate only had to win the smaller counties to win the election. A way to give votes to a candidate in primary elections.
What was the problem with the county unit system?
It did not always represent what the population wanted.
What was the Temperance Movement?
A ban of the production and use of alcoholic beverages.
Who was Alonzo F. Herndon?
Former slave who began his free life working for his former master for $25 a year. First ran a barber shop.
What did Alonzo Herndon accomplish?
Bought an insurance company that hired African American college grads. It is the largest African American owned business in the United States. Worth more than @200 million and does business in 17 states.
What was the result of the Leo Frank trial?
Man was lynched by a mob because of anti-semitism. The trial symbolized the level of racial and religious intolerance present in the south during the Progressive Era.
What as the cause of the riot in Atlanta in 1906?
Falso stories of black violence against whites in the Atlanta newspaper.
What were the Bourbon Triumvirates?
A Group of Democrats who wanted stronger economic ties with the industrial North in order to expland Georgia's economy.
Who were the Bourbon Triumvirates?
Joseph E. Brown, Alfred H. Colquitt and John B. Gordon. The wanted to keep many souther traditions including white supremacy.
What role did Tom Watson play in the political structure of Georgia?
National leader of the Populist party. Concerned about poor, struggling farmers.
Introduced Rural Free Delivery which gave mail delivery to rural homes free of charge.
What was the International Cotton Exposition?
An event promoted by Henry Grady to showcase growing industries in Georgia.
What role did the Cotton Exposition play in the economic Development of Georgia?
It brough international exposure to business and investment opportunities in the state which help stabilize and improve economic climate in Georgia.
What was the basis of the Leo Frank case?
He was a man who worked in a pencil factory and was accused, tried and convicted for the death of Mary Phagan (14 yr old girl).
What was the outcome of the Leo Frank case?
Sentenced to life in prison because the Governor John Slaton changed his sentence from death to imprisonment.
2 months later he was taken by armed men from jail and lynched.
KKK was Reborn. They called themselves the Knights of Mary Phagan.