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Describe the terrain of the most southern part of West Africa?
West Africa is made up of savanna which is a region of grasslands containing scattered trees and vegetation, the sahel or the “shore of the desert”, and the rainforests on the Niger River.
What was brought to West Africa by Arab traders?
iron-making technology and pottery, salt, copper, and stone
Where did most West Africans live?
the Sahel
Which empire had Mansa Musa as its ruler?
Which empire fell to Askia Muhammad and the outranked Mali as a great center of trade, culture, and learning?
Which empire was the center of a trade route that ran from that salt mines to the gold fields?
In the late 1300’s, to which empire did Arab scholars travel?
Describe the Congo Basin.
Congo Basin - rainforest area, large variety of animals and people
Describe the Great Rift Valley.
Great Rift Valley - extended along a string of great lakes and valleys, fertile, 4000 miles long, 20-30 miles wide
Describe the Eastern Savanna.
Eastern Savanna- fertile slopes, highlands
What were the proto-Bantu speaking people looking for when they migrated?
agricultural lands
How did people become infected with sleeping sickness?
Tsetse flies
What did Bantu-speaking people learn from exchanges with other groups?
their lifestyle, language, and customs
What was the primary social and political unit of Bantu speaking people?
Families and clans
What resulted in the Swahili language and culture?
During the short, yearly trading season, the traders would stay with the African merchants. In time they intermarried and settled there. The people on the mainland spoke Bantu languages. Their culture merged with the Arabian, Persian, and Idonesian traders', producing the Swahili language and culture.
How did power shift in western Europe between the 1100’s and 1300’s?
It shifted from the kings to the nobles
How did warfare change during the hundred Years’ War?
Armor piercing arrows, guns, and cannons
What country was the leader in trade around the time of the Renaissance?
What were the typical governments during the late Middle Ages in the various
Western European countries?
Feudalism to monarchies
Who were able to move up in society in Renaissance Italy?
Middle class to upper class and also women
What was true about the Renaissance in northern Europe?
They were more spiritual than the Italian Renaissance
What were the views held by Italian Renaissance scholars?
Erasmus- Believed that the church teachings should be easy enough for everyone to understand
More- Believed that all men should be treated equally
Shakespeare- Everyone has a special role in life
Louise Labe- Women are just as talented as men